Actions Negate Words

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Me: "I don't want that."
You: "Look what we got for you!"

Me: "Please don't do that."
You: "Look what we did for you!"

Me: "Please stop that—you're hurting yourself."
You: "You hate me!"

Me: "Since you're asking, here are some specific examples of pattern behaviors of yours that bother me."
You: "You're bearing a grudge!" or "We don't do that!" (shortly before you do it again).

Me: "I have it."
You: "You should ask us for help!"

Me: "Would you please..."
You: "Do it yourself!"

You: "What's your problem with accepting help?"

You can claim all you like, that things couldn't have possibly happened.
        Call me crazy.
        Call me an angry, hate-filled liar.

All that does is prove you don't know me at all.

"You couldn't have asked, because if you had, we would've helped" does not negate the fact that
        when I asked, you didn't help.
        When I asked, you hurt.

penned in 2014, inspired by life.

And as a reminder for those who like to forget how things work:
It's normal for writers to sit on things awhile before releasing them.

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