Chapter 6

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-Eridan P.O.V-

The blood sucking scum hasn't woken up yet, he was someone you could once call a 'friend', but now he's the enemy.

"Wake up!" Sol jolts awake, finally. You watch him struggle against the chains. "Don't bother, you're not gettin out of that." You hear him, whimper? Seriously, this is a demon? A bit pathetic to be honest. Though, you'll give him some credit, he did manage to catch you off guard and use his powers on you, you've made sure that won't happen again, he's blindfolded.

"Please don't kill me..." He practically begs, he really is pathetic.

"If I wanted to kill you, why would I wait til' now?" His head perks up, you aren't fond of him, you just pity him, who wouldn't? Demons can go about a week without feeding, not that you are going to keep him alive or anything. You notice something on his arm and roll up his sleeve, bite marks. "Explain." He yelps a bit, most likely a nervous habit, knowing Sol.

"It's... hard to explain." That's bullshit if you've ever heard it, and you live with Cro. You're getting answers out of this boy, even if it kills you.

"I didn't ask if it was hard to explain, explain why there's bite marks." You hold a knife to his neck, you aren't doing this because you care about him, definitely not.

"I'm a hybrid!" He said it so fast you could barely process it. A hybrid? Well, that explains a few things. You grab some sun glasses, you aren't sure why you got them, since they have mismatched lenses, but you could put them on Sol. You untie the blindfold and put the glasses on him.

"Were you feedin off yourself? You do realize how dangerous that is, right?"

"Well, why do you care?!"

"I don't!" You strom out of the room. He can starve for all you care! You groan, you want to hit your head against a wall right now. You pass your dad's old room, no one stays in there anymore, he just disappeared, and you're sure demons took him! Now you'll never see him again, and Cro started drinking because of it! It's hard to lose someone, it's hard and no one understands!

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