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Five minutes later, we sit in a cab that takes us to Henry's place. This time, we don't hold back during the cab ride. Our make-out session on the backseat already brings me close to orgasm, and when we finally enter the penthouse and Henry presses me up against his door, his hand finds its way into my panties immediately. 

He knows exactly what he has to do with my body. So all it takes is a few strokes along my wet and hot center, two fingers pushed inside me and his thumb rubbing my clit, and I'm screaming his name while my climax rushes through me.  

I would have dropped to the floor if Henry hadn't lifted me in his arms to carry me over to his bedroom, where he gently lays me down on the bed. 

He takes off his shirt and pants before he joins me and runs his hands up my legs. He lifts my dress over my head and throws it on the floor before his hungry gaze inspects my new underwear. "Nice, but you don't need that anymore." He takes off my bra and tosses it over his shoulder. 

And while he caresses my breasts, sucking on my hard nipples, he grinds his pelvis against my core. I can feel his erection through the thin fabric of my panties and his boxers, and I moan and writhe beneath him. 

"Ah, babe, you feel so damn good." He slides his hand inside my panties. "And you're so wet. I'm gonna make you come again." He moves down my body, and after he's taken off my soaked underwear, he puts his mouth on me, and this time, his tongue drives me over the edge.  

"Fucking shit, you're good." I can hardly control my breathing, let alone my wildly beating heart. 

He kisses my inner thigh, and I feel him smile. "Okay, again." 


It's all a big blur of tongue and lips and fingers, but it's oh so fucking good! 

"Oh sweet mother of all that is good and pure... shit, you're killing me!" That's when I climax again; third time in less than fifteen minutes. I'm pretty sure that's record-breaking. 

Henry chuckles when he kisses his way up to my breasts, where he lingers, but my whole body is so sensitive right now that I have to stop him. "Okay, okay, please, give me a break; seriously, you're killing me!" 

I take his head in my hands and pull his face toward mine to kiss him. I thought I could give him a sweet and gentle kiss, but Henry returns it passionately, expressing his arousal and need. "Oh, babe, you drive me insane. I've never wanted anyone so bad," he groans. 

If I were in any sense in control of myself, I'd probably freak out again at the intensity of his words and the way his deep and sexy voice stimulates every fiber in my body. But honestly, my brain has shut off entirely, and his mouth is on mine again anyway—no more chance to do anything but enjoy this. 

Henry has taken off his boxers, and his body slips between my legs. He looks at me, his eyes full of heat and passion. "Are you ready?" 

I take a deep breath and nod. 

"Where do we stand on the issue of protection?" 

I think about his question for a second. Last time we had sex, we used a condom, probably out of habit. I moan as I remember how it felt without any protection. "No condom." My whisper is hardly audible, but Henry understands very well. Almost as soon as I say it, he slides in slowly and gently. 

Even though everything is still delicate between my thighs, I enjoy the sensation of him moving deep inside me. It's a powerful feeling, a sensual frenzy. Henry looks deep into my eyes and kisses me again and again. And that's when I realize this is so much more than just sex. I feel connected to him, and not only physically. 

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