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Henry's kiss takes me to a blissful place, where I intend to stay just a little longer. Forgotten is the fact that we're in his office and I'm lying on his desk. I wrap my legs around his waist and press his pelvis closer to my aching core. He groans as I grab his ass and slowly grind my hips to massage his groin. 

My skirt is already up around my waist when he unbuttons my blouse and his shirt. Another deep, guttural sound escapes him. "Dammit, Lauren. How do you do that? I want you so bad." 

I tilt my head back and run my hands through his hair. I try to stifle my moans when his mouth wanders along my neck and down to my breasts, which he frees from my bra. While his lips give my sensitive nipples some closer attention, his hands work on my tights, taking them off along with my panties and shoes. 

Once they're gone, Henry pulls back. With one swift move, he kneels down and slides my ass closer to the edge of the desk. I brace myself on my elbows and keep my gaze on him as he kisses his way up my legs. It's getting harder to suppress my moans, and when his mouth is on my soaking wet center, sucking on my clit, I gasp.  

I can't believe we're doing this in his office, but it's been way too long since we've been together like this, and I've missed his touch, his scent and the taste of him—and all the things he does to me. Fuck, I'm addicted to this man; I need him like I need my next breath. Four days without being in his arms were like torture. 

He doesn't even need three minutes before I'm ready to explode, and when an incredible orgasm takes rushes through me, I grab his shoulders and dig my nails into his flesh. I bite my lips hard to keep me from screaming his name. 

While my body still quivers from the aftershock of my climax, Henry gets up and crashes his lips to mine in a hot and wet kiss that tells me how aroused he is—that and the erection he presses against my thigh. I am more than ready for him too. He opens his pants and drops them down to his ankles, along with his boxers, but all of a sudden, he freezes.

I narrow my eyes at him. "What's wrong?"

Henry frowns. "Sorry, but I don't have a condom." 

My mouth falls open. "What do you mean—you don't have a condom?" 

He shakes his head and takes a deep breath. "Well, that's nothing I usually bring to the office." 

"Are you telling me you don't even have one in your wallet like any other man?" 

He laughs. "No, sorry to disappoint you." 

I grab two fistfuls of my hair and groan. No, this can't be. I need him now! I sit up and study him for a moment, reasoning with myself if I should say what I'm about to say. But then I look deep into his eyes and whisper, "I'm on the pill." 

He squishes his eyebrows together. "What?" 

"I'm on the pill," I repeat. "And I've never done it without a condom, so there aren't any health issues." 

He clears his throat, scrutinizing me with raised eyebrows. "And you're trusting me to be healthy too? Me, the manwhore?" 

I laugh. "Hey, we talked about this." 

He smiles and gives me a gentle kiss. "For your information, I've never done it without a condom either." 

My eyes widen. "Never?" 

He shakes his head, and my heartbeat accelerates even more at the thought of him and me being intimate with no barrier. It freaks me out a little that I suggested this because it would put our relationship on a whole new level although I'm not even sure what this is between us. 

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