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I stand in front of Henry's bedroom door, with my hand lifted and about to knock, when doubts hold me back. Is this a good idea? My head is screaming NO! But my wildly beating heart has a different opinion on that matter. I take a deep breath and lean my head against the door. Okay, think! What will happen if he opens the door? I'm probably going to throw myself at him. Because, honestly, I have no self-control left. So it's decided then: no stupid things tonight. 

I'm about to turn around and go back to the couch when the door suddenly opens. I shriek and almost fall over, but Henry catches me. I cling to him and look at him wide-eyed. 

Henry laughs out loud. "Haven't you learned by now to be more careful around doors?" 

I sigh and free myself from his arms. "You'd think. Turns out I'm not all that smart." I take a nervous look around his bedroom, which is just as nice as the rest of his apartment. My gaze lingers on his bed – a big, comfy bed. 

Henry watches me silently. I clear my throat and turn to him. "Sorry to bother you, but I couldn't sleep." 

A delicate smile plays on his lips. He crosses his arms and waits for me to continue. 

Man, why does he have to be so damn sexy? He's still wearing the t-shirt, but he lost the sweats and is only wearing boxers. 

"You couldn't sleep." It's more a statement than a question. 

My eyes meet his, and I'm blushing at the indecent thoughts in my head. I nod. 

"And now you want to sleep in my bed? Is the couch not as comfortable as you thought?" 

I slightly shake my head. "Not really." 

Henry is still smiling, still watching me. "Okay, then we'll switch. I'll take the couch." The smirk on his face tells me he knows that's not what I want; he's teasing me yet again.  

I shake my head again and take a step towards him. We're almost toe to toe, our faces inches apart, gazes locked. A warm sensation floods my body, which craves for his touch now more than ever. His masculine scent fills my nose and makes my hormones go crazy. Just standing in front of him makes me go wet. 

I whisper, "No, I want to sleep in your bed – with you next to me." 

He lets out a quiet growl. "You know what's gonna happen if I let you in my bed, right?" 

Oh dear heavens! I hope I do. My brain has completely shut off, and my hormones have taken over. "Maybe that's what I want." I move just a little closer to him. His breath fans my skin, and my gaze wanders to his mouth. We're still not touching, but the air between us sizzles with heat and desire. 

He breathes on my lips. "Lauren – be sure..." 

As my answer, I press my lips on his for a gentle and short kiss. 

When I look up into his eyes, I think I might go up in flames. Butterflies are dancing in my stomach, and a burning heat spreads from my lower abdomen. I desperately need to kiss him, touch him, feel him. 

But Henry is hesitant. I can't read his expression, and I narrow my eyes at him. "Maybe you are the one who isn't sure." 

But then he puts his hands around my face and crashes his mouth on mine. What follows next is the most intense and passionate kiss I've ever shared with a man. His tongue quickly finds mine, to stroke, to wrestle, to tease. He tastes so good, and his delicious scent turns me on even more. I put my hands under his shirt on his chest and stroke him, outlining his abs with my fingers. Damn how good his skin feels under my fingertips! 

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