Chapter:19 ~ Threat (Part II)

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Connection: If you noticed that in Chapter:1 (Part I), a maid bring coffee to Ariana in Matt&Emily's house but in present she cooked the food herself for her and them as well. It was because they shifted their place from there after Ariana's kidnapping. I write about the shifting at the last of Chapter:15 (Part I). I don't know how many of you noticed.🙃🙃🙃

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Xavier's POV:

Before I could feel any better of her getting conscious, she closed her eyes to my fear. I called the doctor as a fear ran down my spine looking her unresponsive state.
I don't want anything which has happened to my Chloe.

The doctor checked her breathing and pulse rate.

'Mr. Williams, It must be because of the high doses that she get dizzy again. She is fine. It will take time for body to absorb this pain.', The doctor said.

'Are you sure there is nothing else to worry about?', I asked as my heartbeat seem to be rising and falling every second looking at her state.

'Yes Mr. Williams. There is nothing to worry about. Just calm down and wait for her body to get a little rest.', She said and made her way out of the room.

I looked at my Ariana and caressed her cheek with my thumb.

I am sorry that I got little late. I am sorry for leaving you all alone in the house. 

I took out my phone to contact the Chief of New York Police Department.

'Good evening, Mr. Williams.', He greeted.

'Good evening, Mr. Parker.', I said.

'How can I help you, Mr. Williams?', He asked.

'I need your special security agency to find a man who attacked my wife a few hours ago.', I asked with a deep and strong voice.

I looked again to Ariana and I felt my anger growing more for that person who dared to touch my wife.

'What! Someone attacked your wife.', His voice sounded worried.

'Yes. And I want you to check the security cameras of my house and find that person at any cost.', I ordered.

'Don't worry, Mr. Williams. I will go with my officers to check the place. I will report it to you as soon as I found anything.', He answered.

'I don't want any probability. I want that person before tomorrow's evening. ', I shouted it as an order.

'Sure Sir. I will report it to you as soon as we find him.', He affirmed to my orders. I cut the call as I felt my anger building inside my veins by the thought of losing my child.

He kidnapped my wife and hurt her. He dared to repeat his actions on my wife. I will broke him limb by limb and I mean it.

I settle down besides Ariana. I combed her hair with my fingers. I remember that scar on her stomach.

She lied to me. But it is not her fault. She must be worried about my reaction. She must be hesitant to talk after so much that have happened between us. 

I cupped her face and placed my lips on her. I smooched her lips. But this doesn't feel good because she is not responding to my touch. I kept my lips for a brief moment to reminisce her touch.

I pulled away to kiss her forehead. I kissed her eyes, her cheeks, her nose, her chin and her whole face to make my heart calm down but it seem to beat more faster as she is still not responding to me. 

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