The player and me chapter 2 *rewritten*

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Chapter 2: Seems like Mr. Tough isn't all that tough now is he?

He smirked the rest of the way as he came down the stairs.

"Lucas, this is Carter, my best friend and Carter this is Lucas, my favorite brother, but a player so tend to keep away from him" Macie explained.

So my assumption was correct. He is one of those guys.

"Aw, Macie, you don't let me have any fun" He teased

But Macie didn't look like she liked it either way.

"Lucas, I mean it, stay away from Carter" She glared at him.

I just stood there watching the exchange.

Not like I could do anything else.

"Whatever, I just thought she was a virgin and it would be fun" He shrugged.

Now he had 2 girls glaring at him.

What the hell?! I mean is he that much of an asshole?!

Note to self: Stay away from Lucas. No matter how hot he is.

He's still a player.

"But if you are, I can find us a nice and cozy place somewhere in the next country" He winked.

Concentrate Carter!

You are not one of those helpless, pathetic girls that fall for their best friends brother who happens to be a player and totally hot.

"Sorry, I don't do animals" I answered, acting nonchalant.

He frowned and scowled while Macie held a satisfied smile on her face.

"Come on Carter, we have better things to do" Macie smiled sweetly at her baffled brother before grabbing my arm and dragging me to her room to get the things we needed for our sleepover.

I guess no girl had ever rejected him before.

Go me!

"Well that was interesting" I said to Macie once we reached her room.

She turned her gaze on me and rolled her eyes. "Tell me about it" She waved her hands dramatically.

It was my turn to roll my eyes.

She then plopped down on her bed and I grabbed a purple beanie chair and sat down in front of her.

"But you know, now that you rejected my brother, he'll be more determined to get you" Macie frowned.

"You mean he'll be more determined to do me, not get me" I pretended to correct her.

She rolled her eyes at me and raised an eyebrow. "Yeah."

"But seriously, you've been watching too many movies about girls and players" I told her.

She sighed and tsked.

"Carter Carter Carter, how many times have I told you that movies are based on real life, all those stories, are based on what can be true-" Macie started but I cut her off.

"Yeah I know Macie, you told me a hundred times, and then your gonna go off and tell me how the Blind Side was based on a real woman and real family" I started and Macie glared as I continued.

"But not all movies are true, I mean, do you seriously think Twilight can be real?! And John Tucker must die, that was so surreal. I mean, you can't get a player to fall in love with you that fast. And suddenly make friends with the head cheerleader, most likely to be president one day and drama queen" I finished off my rant.

"Of course it can be true, I mean if paranormal things are real and angels and hell and heaven, then why can't vampires and werewolves be? And to prove I'm right, we can go to Forks and look around for out of control sparkling vampires and angry, shirtless boys with steam coming out of their ears. And John Tucker must die is so real. Even players fall in love. And have you seen Veronika and Viktorya at school? Veronika is a cheerleader and total slut but she's inseparable with Viktorya, who's a total geek" Macie explained.

"Okay, but one thing we have to agree on is that Justin Bieber isn't real" I shook my head

She scoffed as in hell yeah.

"Hell Yeah" She said.

Don't I know my best friend so well?

"Is that even his real voice? I passed American Eagle the other day and I think the song was Eeny Meeny, but I thought it was a girl until I realized I heard the song before!" Macie threw her hands up in the air.

She definitely didn't have any Bieber Fever like all the others at my school. Well girls.

"Actually I kinda like that song: You can't make up your mind mind mind mind mind

Please don't waste my time time time time time I'm not trying to rew-" I was singing until Macie cut me off.

"Shut.The.Hell.Up" She glared.

And I smirked."I was just kidding" I shrugged.

"Okay! We can't lose any more time! Chop Chop! Go start the car, I'll be down in a few with my bags" She pushed me out the door.

I just shook my head and chuckled.

I was looking at the floor while walking so maybe that's why I bumped into a brick wall.

"Oof" I looked up and saw Lucas lying on top of me.

"You know I didn't think getting you under me would be so easy" He smirked

I glared at him. "Get off of me" I struggled under him.

He smirked again. I officially hate smirks.

Ooh, but not smurfs. I love those little creatures.

"Oh yeah baby, keep on struggling" He moaned, the smirk still on his face.

My mouth opened wide and an idea formed in my mind.

I smiled sweetly and that wiped the smirk off his face immediately.

"Hey Lucas?" I asked, in a sugary sweet tone.

"Yeah?" He asked, suspiciously if I might add.

"Struggle with this" And then, I kicked him right in the banoshkas ( Idk if that's a word, I just made it up)

"Ohhh" His face tightened and he held onto his balls, rolling off of me.

I shot up and before going out of the room turned back to him.

I had one more message.

"Don't mess with the girl's fucker" I snapped my fingers.

And then, I ran back outside and started the car.

All the while doing a little victory dance in my head.

Carter: 1

Player: 0

Oh yeah, bitch!

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