Chapter 3

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Dedicated to Awesome_writer1 for her wonderful comment on the last chapter. I love each and every one of your comments, and there are times when a comment you put really stands out such as her comment did. It was really sweet and the reason I tried my hardest to get this chapter done so I could upload it faster than my weekly uploads. Plus, you were all dying for this confrontation lol! Till next time my fave wattpadders:)

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The three of us laid on my bed a little longer, but I knew I couldn’t hide in here forever. My mom would surely miss my presence being she couldn’t sing my praises to any of the young males outside. Then there was the big announcement my dad had informed Adam about earlier.

Sitting up, with my friends doing the same, I decided it was time to head back out. Casey and Adam watched silently as I stood up and walked to my dresser mirror, straightening my dress and patting down a few wayward strands of hair.

“So, does this mean we’re heading back out?” Adam asked.

I looked at his reflection in my mirror from where he sat on my bed and nodded, “Yeah, or my mom will come looking for me, and I don‘t want that.”

Casey jumped up, joining me by the mirror to fix her dress as well, though she looked just as perfect as ever. “Alright, let’s get this party started again, I barely got a chance to eye rape those sexy males out there since we found yours.”

Hearing him mentioned again did funny things to my insides. I began thinking of his gorgeous eyes, and sexy lips, the way his scent lingered in my nostrils.


STOP THAT! I wasn’t supposed to be thinking those things. Not if I intended to resist him. I needed to remember the blonde that hung all over him, because there were many more where she came from, there would always be.

Unaware of my internal debate, Adam responded to Casey’s statement with a snort, “Pfft, eye rape. As if that’s all you’d do. The minute you see some poor unsuspecting fool walk past you, giving you the look and a wink, you’ve got more than your eyes on him. If you weren’t such a good friend of my best friend, I might just go so far as to say you’re a….”

“ADAM!” I shouted turning from my reflection to stare at him disapprovingly.

“A what?” Casey asked, hands on her hips and fire in her eyes.

I gave Adam my most deadly look. I loved the boy to pieces but if he said something nasty to hurt Casey, I just might do my best to break his jaw.

He shot me an innocent look, “What? I was going to say TEASE, cause she gets those guys all fired up but doesn’t always follow through, SHEEEZ, do you always have to think to the worst of what I’m about to say?”

Casey and I both exchanged a look before answering together, “Yes!”

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