2 - Outside

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Author Notes:

I wanted to start apologizing for some mistake ... I'm not very good in English .. but I'm trying to translate ... good reading!


Sweeney and Nellie walked for a long time looking for the exit, until a moment arrived when she tired of walking and stopped for a moment.

  - Wait, my feet are killing me! - she said, then stopped walking on Mr Todd's arm as she continued to walk and almost knocked her down.

  - I'm tired as well. - He says.

  - But how are you gentleman Mr T! - She says ironically and with a forced smile on her lips.

Sweeney the ignores her and continued walking. then Nellie backed up on a Wall to take a little shoes, then looked at Sweeney and saw that he continued walking. - you don't will I wait? - she asked a bit boring. - don't we can stop. we have to find the exit. - he say without looked back.

   - Okay, but I'm wearing heels. I can not walk at the same pace as you! - She slipped on her shoes again and rested her hand on the wall.

Then it was at that moment that she realized that the block of concrete from which the wall was made went out of place.

   - Mr. T wait !! She called him.

   - Do not call me like that! It's annoying!

   - All right, Mr. Todd, now please come and see what I have found.

Even Sweeney thinking it was nothing important he went to her. Then she pushed the block that was above her head and a small light came from the hole she opened. Sweeney soon realized that this might be the only exit from that place, so he asked for Nellie away.

   - Let me do that. - He ordered, and then she walked away.

She just could not tell if he was being kind doing the hard work or if he did it just because he was crazy to get out of that place.

Then Sweeney finally managed to push the block and a greater amount of light hovered over the sewer. He noted that it was beginning to lighten, which meant they spent the whole dawn walking through the tunnels.

He looked through the hole and there was apparently no one to see them coming out there. Then he finished pushing a few more blocks.

But the loose blocks were very high and although he managed to knock them down, it would be a little difficult to climb, since both were below the ground.

   - This stood tall to we get up - Mrs Lovett said.

  - Maybe for you, but not for me. - He answered her.

   - What do you mean by that? Nellie looked at him, startled. - Are you going to leave and leave me here? - she asked with her arms crossed. - After everything we've been through?

   - That would not be a bad idea. - He said to annoy her.

Mrs Lovett stared at him, narrowing her eyes and frowning, reproving his attitude at saying such outrage. Could he really do that to her?

But then he explained:

   - What I mean is you should go first. - He finished.

She feel breathed a little relieved.

   - All right, so how do I get on?

  - Come on, I'll help you. - He holds out his hand.

Listening to those words was like feeling in the clouds for Mrs Lovett, for it was seldom the moments when he was apparently kind to her. She was only confused by the man's bipolarity, one time treating her well, another treating her as insignificant to him. And that made her crazy, not knowing what to think.

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