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It's already around noon when we're done at the photo studio. On our way back, when we're almost at the Wilson & Partner building, Ben gets a call from Amy. Henry and I walk ahead as he talks to her.

Henry turns to me. "Do you have any plans for lunch?"

"Amy asked me if I wanted to grab a sandwich." I turn around to look at Ben, who has a huge frown on his forehead. "But maybe she'll cancel on me."

Henry turns around too. "Why would she do that?"

I sigh. "She told me yesterday that she wasn't feeling well. As you know, she and Ben had a huge fight. And even though they're good, I think that's still bothering her. And when I see Ben's face, I think something is up."  

A minute later, Ben catches up with us. "Sorry, Lauren, Amy needs to cancel your lunch date." 

I grimace. "Is she okay?"  

Ben sighs. "Not really. I'm going to take her to her doctor's." 

"Hm, just what I thought. What's wrong?" 

"She's been having a weird stomach ache for a couple of days now, and that makes her nervous." 

"Damn, that sucks. Tell her to call me later." 

Ben nods. The worry is obvious on his face too. He and I are the only people in our circle of friends who know that Amy lost her first baby a few years ago. So any weird feelings or pain make her really nervous, and Ben too. 

Ben turns to Henry. "Sorry, I have to go. I don't know when I'll be back. I'll take Amy home after the appointment and come back here as soon as possible." 

Henry shakes his head. "Don't worry about it. I'll be fine. You go and take care of your girl and your baby." 

"Thanks, man. I'll let you know as soon as I know more." 

Ben runs off ahead and vanishes into the building. I sigh as I look after him. Then I turn to Henry, who is looking at me with a raised eyebrow. "What's going on?" he asks. 

"What do you mean?" 

Henry shrugs. "You both just seem a little too worried. Is everything all right with Amy?" 

"Yes, of course. Why wouldn't it?" 

"Because I sense there's more to the story than you're letting on. You're acting weird." 

I laugh. "Ah, I'm acting weird again. You must know me well, Henry Davies." 

He smiles at me. "Of course I do. So there is more?" 

I shake my head. "Sorry, not my place to tell, you big gossip." 

He laughs and lifts his hands in defeat. "Okay, I accept that. So, I take it you are free for lunch?"


Henry takes me to his favorite Sushi place not too far from work. When we are seated and ready to eat, my phone vibrates in my purse: a text from Amy. "On my way home now. Baby is fine. Sorry to worry all of you." 

I text back. "Don't be ridiculous. I'm glad you're okay. Get some rest. I'll call you later, love!" 

When I put my phone back, I notice Henry is looking at me expectantly. I smile. "Amy and the baby are fine. She's on her way home now, so Ben won't be too long." 

Henry nods. "That's good." He smiles at me. "I hope you're hungry." 

"Starving. Lucky you, it's Japanese." 

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