Memory loss

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Another warm tear trickled softly down my face."How? How did my best friend loose her memory? She doesn't remember her brother's death or me?" I whimpered quietly. The doctor sighed. "I'm sorry alpha there is nothing I can do but recommend you to bring her a place of significance in her life as she has forgotten the things she holds most dear to her." Another wave of tears leaked out of my red eyes without consent. "So she doesn't remember her parents or her brother, her pack or me and Julie, her two best friends." She has forgotten the things she holds most dear to her.

"WAIT! Does she even know she is a werewolf!?" I looked anxiously into Amy's room, to see her jump and look around like she just heard a ghost. "Like I said alpha, she is forgotten the things she holds most dear to her, including her wolf." The doctor dropped the bad news. "HOW am I supposed to tell her she is a werewolf!?" I whisper-yelled as I watched her trying to evestrop. The doctor just shugged and walked off.

Taking a deep breath, I walked into Amy's room. "Hiya. I'm An-" but Amy cut me off. "Angel." She whispered. "I recognise that name from somewhere." I gasp-laughed happily. "So you remember!?" Her brows creased in confusion." Errr, no?" She asked more than stated, crushing my joy into little pieces. "Oh. Anyway, I am Angel and you are Amy but of course you already knew that?" I smiled. "Nope. I didn't have the slightest idea." She replied. "But I guess you learn something new everyday right?" She added and I mentally facepalmed. Help me goddess please. At your service. Not the time Stry. Stry? Yeah. Short for stripe. Then she blocked me out.

"Amy. I don't know how to say this but umm you are a w-" I was interrupted by her banging her head on the wall And mumbling something about an annoying voice. When she saw my raised eyebrow, she casually leant up against the wall and cleared her throat. "Yeah what was I again?" Sighing, I repeated myself. "You are a werewolf." Her jaw dropped open and I cringed at how blunt I was about it. "OMG THAT IS SO COOL! SO I CAN LIKE TURN INTO THIS GIANT WOLF AND I HAVE SUPER SENSES!? WHAIT WHAT COLOUR IS MY WOLF? IS MY WOLF THAT ANNOYING VOICE IN MY HEAD!?" She screamed. My gosh, I need so drink some tea. Yes I don't know if you have realised yet but I British and most of us brits love nothing more than a hot mug of tea after a stressful day. And no, we don't have a posh accent. Damn right! Me and posh do not go together.

"Only Amy. Only she could be excited after finding out she is basically a mythical creature that are thought be blood thirsty beasts." Julie chuckled. "Okies Julie, I am going sleep now." I shouted, running upstairs only to bump into a hard chest. As I sniffed the air, I immeadietly knew who it was. "Long time no see, Asher." I spat out his name with as much displeasure as I could, causing him to flinch. "Who am I talking to!?" He asked quickly as fear flashed through his eyes. Stripe took control. "Ah, I see you remember me." Then wham. Stripe delivered the biggest most painful slap I have ever seen.

"I know you are angry but you can't take your anger on him!" My distort Sister screamed at me trying to stop Stripe from breaking Asher's face. I'm pretty sure that Asher would have every bone destroyed by now if it weren't for his alpha blood. I was also pushing Stripe for control but she held it with all her might while delivering more bone crushing punches to his head.

This, people, is the real reason as to why everyone is scared of Stripe. This leads them to be scared of me because get on my wrong side and I can do a lot worse to what Stripe was doing to Asher's puny head plus when im really angry but I get tired of breaking every bone in your body Stripe comes out full of energy to burn.

I could feel Lunar's attempts to stop me with her magic but she was weak against us as we are still the moon goddess in disguise.

Yeah, did you forget because I definatly did.

With one last shove, I used all my will power to push through Stripe's wall and a barged her out of the way. Breathing heavily, I looked down and almost screamed. That's a lie, I've seen much worse. Asher's face was all bruised and swollen, his lip had busted and only the goddess knows what internal bleeding is going on in his face. Shivering in disgust of myself I used the energy that stripe had left to heal his face with my hand's violet light thingy. His face was now back to normal with only a few cuts and bruises here and there. The only reason why I am not angry with Stripe is because if I was in her shoes... Well she doesn't actually wear shoes. So if I was in her umm paws, I would do the same thing.

He should consider himself lucky. I did him a favour and me doing someone a favour is a blessing. Thinking back to his mashed up face and shivered. HOW ON EARTH IS THIS A FAVOUR!? Knowing Stripe can see what I am thinking. Well he thinks the pain he was experiencing was because of the punches. Well I actually muted the pain so we wasn't even feeling my punches. He was still feeling excruciating pain though.

I was bought of of my mind conversation by someone shaking me. I growled much more ferociously than I anticipated and the person growled back quietly. Stripe don't not like that at all and she had sure that everyone knew this by releasing our aura. Like all of it. The person whimpered and I heard bodies fall to the floor. Yeah. The aura surrounding us is so powerful, lower ranking wolves pass out. STRIPE! What? Don't act all innocent. Innocent about what? Curse you and your kitten eyes.

My kitten eyes can wrap a pack assassin around my finger and Stripe's ones are 10x cuter so just imagine it. WAIT NO! If you imagine it, you will literally die of cute overload.

Anyway if Asher wasn't feeling the pain of your punches, what was the excuiating pain?

She answered with three words.

Bye bye wolfie.

Ahh another chapter done. This chapter was a bit crazy but oh well, Stripe got her revenge. What does 'Bye bye wolfie' even mean. I will let you guess.


Ok I will stop now


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