Chapter 44: Xavier

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Even if she wanted to call it quits I had to make sure she was okay. She took off her ring. I was heartbroken, did she not want to make it work? I looked out the door and didn't see her car, even her clothes were gone. I tried calling her and she didn't answer. I called her parents and she was over there. I was glad she went home instead of just running away. I would rather have her here. I was going to go see her tomorrow morning. To see if we could fix whatever was wrong. She left a letter saying:


By now you probably noticed I'm no longer here. Being here only gave me bad memories of what happened to Olivia and it hurts me to know she not here anymore. I left because I'm trying to get myself together. I didn't like what I was turning into. I hated myself. People tell me 'its not your fault Aubri' but I can't help but feel it is. I want to learn to love myself again. Just know I love you so much and that's why I left. You deserve so much better. So I'll understand if you want to move on, but just know you'll always be in my heart, but if you ever want to make it work, just give me time. That's all I asked for. I love you!


I went to bed that night and barely got any sleep

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I went to bed that night and barely got any sleep. So when the sun rose I got ready and left to Bri's parents house. I had to see her. I definitely wanted to make it work with her. She was my wife and I loved her. I wasn't going to give up that easy.

Knock. Knock.

"Hi hun, come on in." Her mom opened the door and I walked in.

"Hi, Mrs. Moretti how are you?"

"I'm fine and you can call me Chyna. Have a seat. Ace is making breakfast."

"Okay, thanks." Something was weighing heavily on my conscience. I had to tell her parents the truth.

"You okay, you look like you're stressing over there."

"I know what happened the day of the accident."

"Give me a sec. ACE! Come in here."

"Chyna, I was in the kitchen. You could have got up and came in and got me."

"I mean yeah. I could of, but I really didn't want to get up."

"I swear you are so lazy."

"I'm lazy; but who the hell washes your clothes, cooks your food, take care of your kids, still works and at the end of the day is expected to lay on her back to her husband. So if I want to sit my ass on this here couch and yell out your name, I'm going to do it, because I have a right to do so. Calling me fucking lazy. You tried it." Her parents were so blunt. If they could say this in front of a stranger, I wonder what there conversation in private are like.

"You weren't complaining last night now where you?"

"Catch these hands Ace, I had..." I cleared my throat because this would have went on forever if I didn't. They were both stubborn like Bri so they wouldn't have stopped until one backed down with didn't seem likely.

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