I have written thee Letters

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I have written thee letters,
Letters that define thy excellence.
But these letters, shall not be sent.

Not now,not now,
For thee shall not understand,
What I truly meant.

Not now,not now,
Not when thy brilliance is at its peak,
For thee right now is moving,
And I really don't want to be on thy way.
But thou, thou shall be given to read,
When tis zealous soul of mine,
Is no longer there to explain thee,
What I truly mean.

For even a small dent now,
Can destroy mighty empires,
Empires that are home bound.

Not now,not now,
Not when thy beauty is at its peak,
For people understand,
And they value these things,
Only when they lose it.

Thine eyes shall finally be set,
On those beautiful nouns that I have given thee,
And the paper on which I have poured on my heart,again it was all for thee.

That day when thee reads it,
Let not one drop of tear fall
In my rememberance,
For that's not why it was meant,
That day, let thy face glow,
Do it even with resentment on thy heart.

Thou shall truly understand,
When thou no longer has,
Tis soul to explain the contents,
Of the letters and more.


The Dead Revolutionary

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