Addison Dark: a short

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Addison Dark

Addison Dark had always been afraid of the dark. Nothing terrible had ever happened to him in the absence of light and even as a young boy he had never believed in monsters under the bed or bogey men in the closet. There was just something unnerving about it. Something that dragged its fingernails across his bones and told him to stay away.

Addison Dark was 19 days from being 19 years old on the night he disappeared. His parents were both writers who travelled to writing conferences often, which is where they happened to be that weekend.

His mother had written a series of successful children’s books that she was going to be speaking about. His father had written a series of unsuccessful manuscripts that he was going to be trying to get publishers to care about.

Addison had always been mature for his age and he had never given his parents a reason to mistrust him. They had left him on his own many times since he’d turned 16. He would always miss them a little when they went but truth be told he enjoyed his time alone. Besides, they always called around ten and wished him goodnight.

Outside rain began to fall and Addison could hear the distant rumble of thunder.

Addison undressed, pulled on his pyjama shorts and yanked the Senators t-shirt he always wore to bed over his head. He made his way to the washroom and began to brush his teeth.

Maybe tonight will be the night

. He thought.

I’m going on nineteen and I’m still afraid of the dark. It’s just so stupid, so childish.

He scolded himself silently. He stared at his baby face in the mirror. The tussled blonde hair and blue eyes that all the girls at school went loopy over. Too bad they were all shallow twits. They didn’t interest him. Now, Melissa. She interested him. Melissa was the 25 year old nurse that lived next door.

He spat out the toothpaste and leaned under the tap to rinse out his mouth. He brought his face closer to the mirror and tried to look through his own eyes.

Maybe tonight will be the night


Melissa would never date a guy who was afraid of the dark. How would he explain what the night light was for? Addison wanted to retire it so badly.

You can do this

. He told himself.

Addison returned to his bedroom, checked to ensure his bedside lamp was on and then switched off the overhead light. He climbed under the bed sheets. They were cool and smooth against his forearms and feet. He wondered for a second if they were as smooth as Melissa’s skin. He reached for the switch on his bedside lamp but paused and looked to the outlet next to his dresser. The nightlight was plugged in there. The bulb burned dimly under the translucent white plastic shade. He reached out to unplug it, but his hand froze just an inch away from the nightlight. He pulled his hand back frustrated with himself.

Maybe tomorrow night will be the night.

Thunder rumbled. Louder this time. The storm was getting closer.

He turned off the bedside lamp.

Not long after Addison had turned off his bedside lamp, the house was shaken violently by a crack of thunder. Addison’s eyes sprung open just in time to see another white flash reach its peak of brilliance outside his bedroom window on his right, a blue spark of electricity flash out of the outlet to his right, and the nightlight’s bulb explode from the surge of power. Another thunderous shake and then Addison was left alone with the darkness. The rain sprayed against the window like a thousand tiny pieces of glass.

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