Chapter 23: Breathing

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“Turn it off!” I yelled out in surprise and tried to leap away from the water. However, my foot slipped and I tried to grab onto anything that would hold me up. That happened to be Isis. She yelped as she tumbled down with me, but she landed on top, cushioning the blow for her. She still yelled out when the cold water hit her back. Ha! That’s what she get’s for turning the water on me!

“Oh I haven’t had this much fun in ages.” She looked down at me with a huge grin. I smiled back up at her. As I gazed into her eyes with the water chilling us to the bone I realized something. Impossibility comes to mind, but my heart beat that doubt back. I grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her down to meet my lips.

I was in love with her. I was in love with my genie.

Chapter 23:

Isis’ POV:

I’ve never felt this incredible before in my life! The feeling of finding your destined one…it’s breath taking! I still can not get over it, nor do I want to. I know everyday Gordon feels the pull getting stronger by the day. I want to tell him but I need to be sure he won’t be scared away. Right now we were lounging outside at school. The sun had come out, which I quickly realized was an uncommon feat.

My back was against his chest and his was against one of the many maple trees. There was quite a cool breeze since the season’s were changing but with my body heat mixing with his, it wasn’t too bad. All his friends with even some girls who were flirting shamelessly with all the guys except Gordon. They knew he was taken.

“Corbin you’re so funny!” A pretty little red head giggled. Corbin waggled his eyebrows at me making me laugh. He’s told me he has a way with the ladies…I guess he was right. A nice blonde short girl, was blushing at something Lyle had said, while another blonde with pink streaks in her hair, was laughing with Benny.

A soft breeze tickled my face as my hair went along with it. Gordon’s arms tightened around my waist in affection, making me smile contently. Out the corner of my eye I spotted Amin standing in the shadows glowering in our direction. He beckoned me over slowly, his eyes never wavering from me. I shook my head discreetly, which made him look more angry.

‘Now’, he mouthed. It was difficult to see but I managed. Sighing, I didn’t wan to get Gordon riled up at something I could easily defend myself on. So I broke away from his embrace and stood up. Everyone stopped talking as Gordon looked up confused. I bent over to kiss his cheek, “I’ll be right back.” I grabbed up our lunch Styrofoam trays, “I need to take out the trash.” He didn’t catch my double meaning thank goodness. I walked away feeling his gaze on my back for a moment before I knew he went back to hanging out with his friends.

I see Amin Isis. Why did you lie to me? I heard Gordon in my head ask. He sounded upset making me blow out a breath when I reached the trash can. I didn’t lie per say. I am taking out the trash. Him being the largest piece of garbage I need to take care of. I didn’t want to worry you. If something’s wrong I’ll let you know. I thought to him to ease his mind.

I knew he wasn’t happy. I could feel it, but I needed to put it on the back burner for right now. I reached Amin in the far corner of the building outside where we were out of sight.

“We need to talk.” he stated and crossed his arms. He was far too close for my liking so I backed away only slightly so I had breathing room. I gestured for him to go on with my hands. He was trying my patience. However…lately I have been feeling just a smidge of gratitude towards him. If it weren’t for the fact I am now a genie, I would’ve never met Gordon. It was a small feeling, but it kept him from getting pounded into again.

“If you don’t decide to leave Gordon, and become my genie…well lover boy will go bye-bye.” Amin smirked. Little feeling is now gone. I felt my anger spike. No one, I mean no one threatens the ones I love. My fists clenched in rage, and I watched his eyes go from cocky to scared in a millisecond. Good. He should be.

“Don’t you ever, EVER threaten him again, do you understand? If you do I will make you have so much pain you will wish for the death that won’t come!” I spoke through clenched teeth. All too soon though his cocky smirk was back.

“Well, looks like Lydia was right. He truly is your destined one. At first I doubted but…with that reaction, it has to be true.” I looked at him with a reproachful glance. What did he mean? My eyes swept back over to Gordon who was laughing along with his friends, but I knew he kept sneaking glances over here, but also knew he couldn’t see anything with the shadow surrounding us.

“Why are you conversing with Lydia? I thought you hated her almost as much as I did?” I questioned with a suspicious glare. He chuckled softly and shook his head. He stepped closer to me making my back press against the cool brick wall. I wasn’t scared though. I could easily hurt him if he tried anything. I just didn’t like the thought of him breathing the same air I was.

“That very well may be true…however, the difference is that now, she hates you more. So we’ve made more or less.” He shrugged and lent against the opposite wall. I felt livid. Stalking up close to him my nose brushed his as I huffed. I was so angry I could hear my heartbeat in my ears. Poking him hard I was so tempted to throw him across the grassy front.

“You or her go anywhere near him, I will end both of you!” I growled. I felt a hand that sent hot fiery tingles shoot all around my body. I backed away but didn’t take my eyes off of Amin.

“Everything alright here?” Gordon asked. I felt how angry you were, so don’t lie to me. He finished in my head. I squared my shoulders and glowered at Gordon with so much anger I’m surprised he didn’t melt on the spot.

“It will be. Amin? I suggest you leave and find a job elsewhere, or the only break you’ll receive from me is when you’re buried six feet into the ground.” I warned. He merely laughed but walked away. I was shaking now.

Lydia was now involved, because Gordon and I had p*ssed her off. This wasn’t good, not good at all! I needed to somehow contact her brother, Kruse. He was the only one who could help me since all the other siblings are much like the youngest sister. “Isis? What’s going on?” He asked. I was far too tired to talk anymore so I opened my mind to show him exactly what’s going on. By the time he saw everything he punched the wall.

“Son of a b*tch!” he cursed with his back to me. Turning around he gathered me up in his arms, “I knew he was up to no good, I knew it!” He growled and glared off in the direction Amin left. He turned back to me and grabbed a hold of my face, “We’ll get through this. Okay?” I nodded and lent up to kiss him softly. I don’t know what I’d be capable if someone were to hurt him. I could feel the power on my tongue, taunting me to end this now with Amin.

“Breathe Isis. I can feel your rage. It’s making me want to burn this whole school down. Breathe.” he instructed. I shut my eyes and did as he said. Soon the anger ebbed to just a dull irritation as I opened my eyes.

“Thank you.” I said in a small voice. I was normally such a passive person, but anyone who threatens my destined one, get’s the ugly side of me. He answered by taking my hand to go back over to our friends.

“So who’s going to the dance this Friday?” Benny asked as he wrapped his arms around the blonde with the pink streaks. I don’t know her name yet, What’s her name? I asked Gordon. I felt his cheek resting on the top of my head. I think it’s Lulu. He replied. The other blonde is Maxine and the red head is Sherri. He said like it was an after thought. The pun made me laugh to myself.

“Dance’s are so boring! I say we do something more fun.” Gordon grumbled but squeezed me to his side when he said the last part. His innuendo didn’t go unnoticed, as everyone started to make flirty calls. It’s amazing how adaptive genies are. I can now speak their lingo no problem. I do miss the more affectionate words that held more meaning. Everything seems so fast paced and flat now.

“Oh! We can all go rock climbing at the new place in Portland! They just opened up! They have rock climbing, laser tag, bowling, different courts, and an indoor water park!” Lyle spoke like an excited puppy. I suddenly imagined him with a wagging tail making Gordon choke on his own spit with laughter. Everyone looked at him in question but he waived it off.

“That sounds good. How about it Isis?” I wanted to coo at how thoughtful he was being but I could also tell he was excited, so I nodded. It did sound like fun. So there we sat all planning the perfect night instead of going to the dance. The other girls were invited as well, since they did seem pretty laid back.

The bell rung signaling it was now time for class so we all groaned, including myself surprisingly. I still hold firm to my beliefs with education, but with my impeccable memory, I was easily bored. I read through the history book once and now I have to hear a teacher drone on and on about the things I now know about. It was a good sleeping aid though. Gordon found it hilarious.


“Ms. Saleb! Can you please refrain from falling asleep in my class every time you come in here?” Our history teacher said with annoyance. I gave him a small apologetic smile. “I’m sorry sir. It won’t happen again.” I promised. He breathed out a sigh and nodded, “Okay good. Now back to the Gulf war…” I zoned out again. But jumped when I felt Gordon’s warm hand on my leg.

Don’t fall asleep again Sugar. Don’t want the teacher to blow his top again. He snickered. I rolled my eyes and rested my head on his broad shoulder. I wouldn’t have the need to fall asleep if I didn’t already know everything he’s going to teach. You just like making fun of that because you know I’m smarter than you. I teased him back.

He looked down at me with a mock outraged face. You smarter than me? Ha! If you were smarter you would’ve seen this coming… I was about to ask what when suddenly the legs under my chair was kicked from under me. I fell to the ground with a squeak of surprise making the entire class roar with laughter. I narrowed my eyes at Gordon who was desperately trying not to laugh.

“Having issues Ms. Saleb?” Our teacher asked with an amused expression. I scowled at the floor before picking myself up. Forcefully putting the chair in the upright position and scooting it farther away from Gordon I smirked at the teacher innocently, “Just having one of those days sir.” He nodded and turned back to the board.

You’re going to pay for that. I thought to him. And I know the perfect way too. I imagined my hands on his thighs and heard the quick intake of his breath, knowing he was feeling what I was thinking. He would feel as though it were my hands on him, but he couldn’t stop nor see them. It was all in his mind.

I glided my hand over to the top of his pants making his breath quicken. Isis! Stop! He begged, but moaned in his mind when I brushed against his…happy Gordon. I continued my torturous mind assault until he was moaning for real in the class. He was being quiet enough not to draw attention, but he had to bite his lip to do so.

Grinning when the bell rang I hopped up and left him unsatisfied and unable to get up since he couldn’t cover his now very visible happy-go-lucky attitude in his pants. I laughed at his embarrassed expression and flaunted on out.

I’m going to get you back! He yelled through our link. I stayed by the door and stifled a laugh when I saw our teacher give him a confused look. “Mr. Hailson? Is there a problem?” He asked Gordon. I saw him give our teacher an embarrassed smile before he spotted me by the door and smirked. Oh no, what is he going to do?

“Yes, actually. You see while you were teaching my girlfriend who is standing by the door gave me a han-” I quickly ran in and got in between the teacher and Gordon. “He’s just so silly sir. I’ll make sure we’re not late to our next class. C’mon Gordon.” I snatched his arm as he walked closely behind me to conceal his new ‘gun’.

“I’m going to get you back.” He said lowly in my ear. I turned around abruptly in the hall, “Wasn’t that your payback?” I asked weary. He chuckled darkly and shook his head, “Nope…let’s get to class Ms. Saleb.” He winked.


Hahaha! I love Gordon!

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