chapter 1

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Chapter 1:

My life is pretty much how every story is, I go to High School, that’s it period. The days pass by with pretty much a pattern, I wake up, go to school, go home, do work then sleep and wake up with the same routine, it’s pretty boring, especially for an average Joe like me, well to actually I spoke too soon.

If you’re wondering about me, I’m Lei [first Name] Park [Last Name], I live alone in a small apartment because my parents were separated and neither wants to take care of me, although they send checks every once in a while and checks up on me to see how I’m doing, to be honest I’m pretty contented with my life, just feeling a little bored with all the same things going on every day.

I’m a Sophomore and pretty much a nobody at my school, I have no friends and tend to keep it that way and I know what all of you are thinking, never had a boyfriend, well you’re wrong! Sort of, it’s pretty hard to explain, I dated someone I thought we were together but it turns out were not, I don’t really know, I had a boyfriend, I don’t what does it really matter, although I don’t plan to fall inlove soon, not until I became the head choreographer for SM entertainment, I’ve tried out twice but got rejected both times but that won’t stop me from trying again. I guess I sound pretty pathetic huh? Well we can dream can’t we?

“Lei!” my boss yelled at me as I snapped back to reality, and the waffle cone in my hand was overflowing with ice cream, yes I work at an ice cream parlor. “this is your 3rd screw up this month”

“I’m sorry Mr. Po I’m a little stressed out at school that’s why I have been spaced out lately” I reasoned

“I’m sorry but I have to let you go” he said monotonously “clean up before you leave” he added. Did I just lose my job? Oh crap how the hell am I supposed to pay this month’s rent?

“Yes sir” was all I could say.

As I was heading home after being fired I walked pass by a huge house, pretty much a mansion, with a ‘wanted’ sign on their gate.

“Wanted: Maid” I read then the gate opened then came at a middle age man who is dressed quite nicely, he seems like a business man, a very busy business man.

“Oh hello, can I help you?” he asked closing the gate behind him

“No” I stuttered “I was just reading the wanted sign, you see I just got fired--”

“Are you going to apply?” he asked fixing his neck tie “it’s not actually a Maid were looking for, but more like a baby sitter for my son”

“A baby sitter for your son?” I asked confused

“Yes, he’s pretty much a spoiled kid so he needs supervision 24/7” he said “so will you consider applying? All your personal needs like shelter, food and water is already supplied and you’ll be paid quite well” he said, wait! my meals are at their expense plus I get to live in that mansion? For free?

“Wow” was all I could say

“So?” he asked “I really need a baby sitter for him as soon as possible”

“I would be honored to apply” I told him

“Oh but before that, have you ever had a criminal record?” he asked me

“No” I answered him

“Great, you’re hired!” he said shaking my hand. He seemed pretty eager to hire me, his son must be a lot to handle.

“So when will I get to meet the little boy?” I asked as we entered the really huge mansion, there were like 4 maids who welcomed us as we entered.

“I don’t think a high school student can be considered a little boy, I wish I could say the same for his personality though” he said while chuckling, wait what? I’m babysitting a high schooler? I thought I was babysitting some rich stuck up spoiled kid.

“High school?” I asked as he opened the door to one of the rooms in the house

“This is Taehyung” he said as he showed me who I was babysitting and with all the people in the world it has to be him.

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