Donnie x reader

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i realized i have only done 2 Donnie x readers so for all the Donnie fans here ya go!

warning Triger, suisied, Selfharm, and swering!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Y/N)'s P.O.V

i was sitting in my room staring at my razer, i was going to cut for the hundredth time. everyone thinks my life is so cheery and happy, but its not, its painful and shity. i get A+ on everything, i were glasses, and i dress girly-ish so im called a neard, i get pushed around and beaten up all the time and no one has ever done anything about itt exept for the guys, April, and Casey. i havent talkeed to them in aprosamently 15 days, 5 hr's, 34 minnets, and 29 seconts. and all i have are text that i read and didn't anser and mised calls and voice mails. i havent been to school but that wont mader i get good grades so im still going to pass. i slit my rists "1,2,3,4,5,6-"  i was cut off by my windo opaning and a gasp "(Y-Y-YN)!!!" Donnie's voice rang throughout my room.

Donnie's P.O.V

i was worryed about (Y/n), Marcellus (me) says she hasent sean her in school and they have all their classes together. so i when over but what i saw killed me

"(Y-Y-Y/N)!!!" i screamed as i ran over to her and kiked the razer out of her hand and pinned her to the bed as she tryied to fight me "d-d-Donnie let me go!" she sobed out as she started to cry "(Y/n) why would you do this?" i asked worryed "get the fuck off me!" she screamed as she tryed to kick me "(Y/n) tell me why." i said "because!" she cryed out as she started to shake "shhh. its ok (Y/n) im here for you." i said pulling her into a hug "i love you." i wispered "i love you to D" she wispered back befor falling asleap. i fixed up her cuts and layed er down and was about to leave when she grabed my finger "d-d-dont go" she wispered "i wont my flower bud" i wisped back as i layed down next to her and held her close aventuwaly falling asleep


there you go Love's i hope you enjoy it!

by Love's ~Marcellus

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