Chapter 32: The Moment

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Once we got to the booth I sat down and he sat across from me and smiled. "So what did you think of the match?"

I was about to respond but Ed came over to the table and set two chocolate milkshakes down. "On the house for my favourite couple."

Nathan chuckled and I felt an intense blush rush to my cheeks that were no doubt a deep scarlett. When Ed hobbled away, I took a sip of my shake and proceeded to answer Nathan's question. "The match was... honestly? Kind of terrifying and annoying all at the same time."

"Terrifying, I get. But annoying how?" Nathan leaned back and stared at me curiously. His eyes glinted with challenge and I felt myself become increasingly flustered for whatever reason.

"Well," I began. "You and Reed were basically dancing around the ring the first five minutes and you refused to hit him! I knew you could beat him but you took so long just to simply get a hit in!"

"And then as soon as threw your first punch, I knew. I knew you got kneed on purpose just so you could make your move. I damn near lost my shit at you," I finished my ramble and Nathan gave me a facial expression that said, are you done?

He leaned forward and smirked. "If I recall correctly, you did lose your shit. I believe the words were, 'For fuck sake Nathan, just hit him!'"

I rolled my eyes. "Shut up, I was worried."

"You were worried about me?" He questioned incredulously.

Nodding my head slowly, I studied Nathan. His brows were scrunched in confusion and his eyes looked distant as he stared at me. I tilted my head to the right. "Is it so hard to believe someone other than Darian cares for you?"

"Yes," he replied bluntly. He took a sip of his drink and sighed to himself as he placed it back on the table.

I reached over and grabbed his hand and gave it a small squeeze. He glanced up at me and I gave him a small smile. "Well, I do care for you, Nate. That's why watching that match was so terrifying."

"I'm sorry you had to watch that," he winced slightly, probably thinking about me yelling at him during the match.

I shook my head and I leaned back on the booth cushion, my hand still on his. "No, it's okay. I'm the one who was so adamant on staying and I'm glad I did. I watched you kick some serious ass tonight."

Nathan cocked his head to the right and a smile started to play on his lips. "Were you proud of me?"

"Proud that you knocked some guy out and caused his nose to bleed like a bloody fountain?" I laughed. Nathan only grinned, waiting for my answer. I sighed, "I suppose it would be something to be proud of."

"You suppose?"

I held up my hands in surrender and laughed. "Alright, alright. I am proud of you for that gruesome but kind of awesome fight."

If possible, Nathan's grin grew more and his eyes seemed brighter. Even from across the table, I could see the flakes of gold other various colours dancing about in his eyes. Feeling movement on my hand I looked down to see that Nathan had shifted our hands, instead of mine being on top, his was and his thumb was rubbing small circles. I blushed at the gesture and Nathan chuckled quietly. "What's wrong, princess?"

"N-nothing," I sputtered, cursing at myself for responding so weirdly to Nathan today. What is wrong with me? I pondered for a moment and quickly brushed my thoughts aside. Pulling myself together, I looked directly into his enticing eyes and smiled. "Nothing is wrong. Everything is absolutely perfect."


We walked home in a comfortable silence. Nathan had his arm around my shoulders and I noticed him gazing up at the stars, despite the fact there weren't very many due to the amount of lights in the city. I nudged him gently and looked up at him with a smile. "Whatcha thinking about?"

He looked down at me with a small tired smile. "Just about I had a really good time with you."

"Well, I had a good time with you too," I giggled like an idiot. If I could smack myself without looking stupid, I would.

Nathan suddenly stopped walking and he looked at me with a completely serious face. "Audrey, I need to do something and please don't hate me for it."

"W-what do you mean?" I stuttered out, my heart starting to pound as Nathan gently grasped my hands and pulled my closer to him.

He lowered his forehead onto mine and stared at me for a moment. Bringing his hands up, he placed them on either side of my face and sighed. "You're so beautiful."

And with that, his lips met mine.

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