Dear World

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Dear World,

It's a roomful of people, a cloud of different minds, and each and everybody has their own thoughts. These thoughts are like trains through the night; their headlights search for something, anything.

I guess the headlights on my train found a single word that somehow defines the whole of me.

But, tell me. If the train with these oh-so-bright headlights refused to turn away, would I crumble? And if the train ran straight through me, what would I feel inside?

Would I feel pain?

Would people suddenly feel sympathy for me?

Would they finally understand me?

If the answer is no then why should I let it get to me? Because when the time comes and I'm lying in bed wondering when my last breath will be, I want to know I'll go with a smile on my face and a hella good story involving a train and it's headlights.

So I guess what I'm trying to tell you, dear World, is that I'm just like you, and I deserve love.

I'm human, and I feel things too. I get upset sometimes, sometimes so bad I can't leave my bed. And sometimes I'm so happy I dance along these dangerous train tracks.

For now I'll leave you with one last question, which is if I followed these tracks, where would they take me?

Love, @tthegirlyoudontknow

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