Memory lane.

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"Finally we are here" exclaimed Landon.
Everyone got off the plane. Mason called 2 taxi vans, and they are on the way to the hospital. Jonah still hasn't said a word, he had in earbuds the entire time, probably to block out Bree. They haven't had an update on Lexi's condition, but hopefully she'll wake up soon. After about 15 minuets the taxis stopped at the entrance of the hospital. They all brought there bags with not caring or worrying where they are gonna put them. They just wanted to see Lexi. They all got out and just stood at the door. Everyone was to scared to go in. Bree and Amy had tears going down their faces. Jonah was the first to start walking in, the rest followed. Mason went up to the desk lady since Amy couldn't she would break down in tears.
"We are here for Lexi Ree?" Mason asked.
"Oh yes only 1 to 2 people at a time please." The lady said giving a sympathetic look. They all looked at eachother.
"Mason babe, how about me and you go first?" Hannah asked rubbing his back. He nodded his head, and the lady told them the room number.
And they were off. Mason had Hannah open the door, because he was way to scared to.
~Mason POV~
Hannah opened the door and gasped, she had tears running down her face. I took a deep breath and stepped in the room. I froze. Oh my god. My baby sister is laying in a hospital bed eyes closed, pale, and what looks like a million tubes in her. I couldn't hold it in anymore I ran and grabbed her hand and just started crying. I couldn't stop.
"I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry." I kept crying and saying it over and over again. Hannah pulled a chair and sat next to me. She was balling her eyes out. She wiped her tears and started to fix Lexi's hair.
"You gonna be okay baby girl, you gonna be okay." And she kissed her forehead, before balling her eyes out again. After I calmed myself down I turned to Hannah, the love of my life.
"Hannah, we should go now. Everyone else wants to see her and we should talk to the doctor." I told her. Maybe we could also have her and the baby checked up, I want to make sure they are okay. She nodded her head and got up. I took her hand in mine and we started to walk out. Before we made it out of the door I ran back and kissed Lexi's head.
"Be strong for us baby girl, please be strong." I whispered to her before going back to Hannah and walking out. We walked back to the lobby.
~Bree POV~
We all have been in this lobby for what feels like hours. I was about to get up to get food when Hannah and mason walk in. Their eyes were so puffy and red it made me want to cry all over again. I walked up to them and have them both a long hug.
"I want to see her next." I told them. Josh then came at my side.
"Me too." Mason nodded his head, before looking at me.
"Don't freak out please." He then left to talk to mom. Is it really that bad?
Me and josh made our way to her room.
"You open it first." Josh told me.
"No you do it"
"No you"
"You do it"
"No you do it"
"Just open the damn door Bree."
"You open the damn door"
"Your annoying and childish"
"Says the one who's talking" I glared at him.
"Why don't we open it together?"
We both opened the door and I froze. Lexi? There is no way this is her, she looks way to different. Josh didn't move and neither did I. I look over and there were so many tears coming out of his eyes. I walked up to her bed. And grabbed her hand. And then I just lost it, I broke down to the floor crying. And I couldn't stop. Josh slid down next to me crying as well. What are we going to do?

~Lexi POV~
I stood looked up and my dad was there. But I thought he's dead? Does this mean I'm dead??! Oh my god.
"I know what you thinking, no your not dead. But your close your on the border line."
"What does that mean dad?"
"It means you have a choice to stay here and come with me or go back and live life with you friends and our family."
I didn't say anything I couldn't.
"I'm here to help you choose, so let's go back to memory lane shall we Lexi bear?"
I just nodded my head and took his hand. Let's start with when you went on your first roller coaster with all your big brothers. All of a sudden the scene turned into six flags. I was crying in line terrified I looked about 8 years old. Mason was crouched down face to face with me.
"Lexi you are super brave you can do this we all know you can!" Little me stopped crying.
"But I'm scared." Little me cried
"Lexi your braver then all of us combined! Amanda, Bree, and Katie won't even go on the ride with us! You can do it Lexi." Alex told little me.
"Okay." And then I got on the ride with my big brothers. And we had a blast and they were so proud of Me. I miss them.
"Dad when do I get to choose?"
" soon, very soon."

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