Part 12: Erza accidentally "kills" Lucy

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~Lucy's p.o.v.~

"It has been 4 days... 4 FREAKING DAYS OF TORTURE!!! Why did I choose Erza to help me train, she gets so annoying that I have to knock her out, yeah I have to knock her out so I can get at least an hour of me time! If anything I should be training her because all the exercises she has me do that make her out of breath I'm doin' 3x as many I don't want to be rude but geez Erza's weak and she's a slave driver too. I just GRRR I can't handle it anymore!!!" I close my diary and go splash some water on Erza to wake her up "huh wah huh!?" she jumps up hitting the top of her head on a tree, "Lucy!!" she smiles and tackles me "Erza what the heck is with the change in character!" I say trying to wiggle out of her grip. "I just want to snuggle wuggle with my Lu Lu" she said and squeezed me tighter "Ok Erza I think you hit your head a little to hard on that tree branch, 'cause it seems like you have a screw loose" I said rolling my eyes, she nuzzles her face into my neck and I can feel her smile she loosely holds my tail and my eyes widened "You wouldn't dare!" I said scared for my sanity I don't think I like this more um... snuggly side of Erza "Of course I'd dare my little Lu Lu" she said grabbing my tail a bit harder I grunted "Stop!" "No" "Stop!" "No" "STOP!!" "Nuh uh!" Erza said nuzzling her face into my neck once again and started kissing the crook of my neck probably leaving a mark, she grabbed ahold of my tail and yanked and massaged it at the same time and I grunted.

~Wendy's p.o.v.~

Mirajane and I were on our way home to fairy hills we got to the front door and walked in we instantly heard yelling that sounded like Lucy and Erza "Gee Mira I think Erza's finally pushed Lucy off the deep end" I giggled. "it sure sounds that way! Let's go see" Mira said slowly walking to the back door "Nah I'll go to my room I don't want to get mixed up in there cat fight" I giggled and ran off to my find my room.

~Mira's p.o.v.~

After Wendy left I slowly creaked open the door and what I saw was.... something i do not know how to explain, I saw Erza tackle Lucy and snuggle up on her, wait...ERZA!! I giggled at the frazzled Lucy trying to get out from under Erza, next I saw Erza loosely grab Lucy's tail 'i wonder why she did that' I think but then quickly get my answer "You wouldn't dare!" Lucy yelled at Erza "Of course I'd dare my little Lu Lu" Erza said grabbing Lucy's tail a bit harder I heard her grunt "Stop!" "No" "Stop!" "No" "STOP!!" "Nuh uh!" Erza said, I blushed when I saw Erza lick Lucy's neck and buried her face in the crook of it. I blushed even more when I saw Erza pull on Lucy's tail and heard Lucy let out a moan 'Good thing Wendy chose not to come, she'd probably be scared! Come to think of it I should probably give them some alone time... NAH!' I think to myself and giggle I sneakily sneak behind a tree so I will be closer to the two girls. I see Lucy blush and say "E-erza... st-sto-p, please" "You know you don't mean that" Erza says "G-get off me!'' Lucy says obviously uncomfortable trying to shove the armored red head off of her "Your *gasp* crushing me" Lucy says out of breath, suddenly a blinding light surrounds Erza and she's in a... bathing suit!? "Is this any better?" "N-not really" Lucy says turning her head away from Erza it looked like her nose was bleeding 'ha she gets perverted nose bleeds!' "HEY MIRA! Why you hidin' behind that tree for!?" A drunken Cana yells obviously not seeing Erza and Lucy right there, the two mages on the ground snap there attention to the tree im hiding behind. Seeing Cana there Erza re-quips back to her normal clothes and helps Lucy off the ground who looks very frazzled and confused and a bit embarrassed, "What do you mean Miras not here, your just drunk maybe you should go lay down" Erza says sternly "Nooo she is here see!" She motions to where I am and starts walking toward me "Cana stop! No stop stop!" I whisper yell. She grabs my wrist and yanks me out from behind my safe hiding spot, "um.. h-hi" I say in a low voice I look up to see Lucy blood red and Erza as red as her hair. "M-mira i-its not what it looks like-" Lucy starts before she's cut off by Erza who has a dark aura and tic marks on her forehead "" thats all she had to say to get me and Cana running out of there fast we look behind us to see a charging beet red Erza tailing us obviously pissed off. "Run Cana! Faster!" I yell speeding up "What do you think im doin'!?" Cana says trying to out run Erza.

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