(Alexis' P.o.v)

"No No NO! Definitely wrong!" I shook my head in disapproval and stomped my way over to the two characters that were entangled in each other's arms.

The young firey haired woman, Dakota, who played the character Dylan, groaned and gave an eyeroll, "Are you serious?! We've redone this whole set 17 times in a matter of 2 hours!" She complained, slightly shifting out of the position she was originally posed in.

In response to her, I sent an eyeroll and shook my head in annoyance, "Is anyone else going to criticize my critic?" I asked. Most definitely, I wasn't in the mood for her to be complaining about my set. She's the one who agreed to be in the movie, therefore, she had to do exactly what I said, no matter how tired or annoyed she was.

I managed to switch Dakota and Justin into the pose they were placed in beforehand. "You two need to get into it! More feeling into this shoot!" I scolded, "You're actors for Christs sake! Act romantic! Passionate! Show a little attraction, will yah?!" I forced Justin to sling his arm tightly around Dakota's waist. There... Now only if they can at least stay just like that, then we can get this shoot over with!

"Can we please take a break? I'm hungry..." Justin whined as his stomach let out an impatient growl.

"No. You can take a break once we get this over with!" I snapped, forcefully shoving Dakota's arm so it was around Justin's torso. "Andddddd... Good. Stay there you two!"

After I finally had them in the position I wanted them in for the cover of Vouge magazine, the photographers then began snapping as many pictures as they could.

"Hey Alexis, come here for a sec!" I somehow managed to hear my manager Chris call for me over all the shouting voices. After glancing back at Justin and Dakota who were standing quite uncomfortably in front of the flashing lights, I decided to make my way over to Chris.

"You look tired." He said. It was definitely obvious that he's been keeping an eye on me. "Thought you could use this.." He handed me my favorite/usual chocolate chip frappe. I smiled up at him gratefully and nodded once. "Thanks Chris."

"You know, you should really take a break.."

I resisted with a shake of my head, "No. Not until we finish this."

Finally getting sick of the stuffy atmosphere, I slipped off my 3/4 sleeved black leather jacket, leaving me in my cropped loose, white tank. It was the start of June, which meant the weather was definitely getting warmer. And since the movie was being filmed here in California, it was getting real hot! What made this worse was that the studio had a limited A.C. system so when it was unavailable, it got extremely humid and very stuffy.

"Ooh, boss.. Take a look at that.." Chris' lips curved into a coy smile and his head cocked over towards Dakota and Justin. Curiously, I turned my head; it was just what I was looking for!

"PERFECT! Justin, keep that feeling! Look at Dakota instead of me!" I excitedly said, rushing over to the photographer's side. Although I had no idea how Justin had become quite aroused, his expression was perfect for the cover! His acting skills are quite impressive.... Hopefully he can keep this up for the rest of the upcoming shoots!

After the photographers finished acquiring the shots, I reviewed over them and decided to call it good. The shoot was practically flawless! That is, after Justin decided to finially play along with his character.

"Alright guys, pack it up and rest! You deserve it." Chris announced to all the workers who were still quite busily scattering about the studio.

I made my way over to the two, "Good job you guys; that was the best shoot ever! Pack up your things and I'll see yah back here bright and early tomorrow morning." I said, smiling in approval of their hard work put into today.