Devil Cashier

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It's happening today.

Your breathing is unsteady and nervous as you stand outside the pet shop, your pinky hooked with Jimin's as the two of you stare down the door like it's a fire-breathing dragon.

Somewhere behind that door, beside the shelves of puppy treats, Kim Namjoon is waiting for you with the reversal to all your happiness.

You're ready to fight for it.

The two of you had made the ultimate decision to leave your pets at home, since Jimin deems Hoseok now responsible enough to keep all of them out of trouble. You'd rather sit down with the animals separately and tell them the good news instead of bashing everything out in front of them.

Exchanging a glance with your orange-haired friend, who's working to hide the uneasy tremors of his body, you move forward and push through the door.

Inside, the faint scent of cat food wafts through the store. The quiet chirping of birds and small animals fills your ears.

You let go of Jimin's pinky with a reassuring squeeze.

You can do this.

Namjoon may be a a Giant in the physical sense, but he can't overpower the might of your and Jimin's desperation.

"Hello?" you call out as you step into the shop. If you retrace your memories, you can follow the path to the back of the store where you met a little black bunny that determines all of your fates. "Yoongi? Jin?"

"Back here," answers a rough voice, laden with sleep. You follow its echoing cadence around the shelves of squeaky toys to where the staff room is, it's door hanging wide open.

Within is Yoongi, sitting at a table and peering up at you through his pitch-black bangs.

"I was waiting on you guys," he says inside of  a yawn, his mouth stretching wide and softening the sharp edge of his jaw. "Namjoon and Jin left because Jin was hungry." He shakes his head at the thought. "Anyways, I'm supposed to give you this."

His pale, long-fingered extends to the two of you, holding out a single glass vial the size of your pinky finger, filled to the brim with a vibrant orange liquid. It sloshes at the glad sides mockingly.

"There's only one?" you ask in surprise.

Yoongi hums in confirmation. "Something about it being only one spell, so only one of them has to drink it to break it, blah blah blah. I'm not totally sure. I think I drifted off with my eyes open."

"Oh," you mutter. "About that..."

It's unfortunate that you have to deal with Yoongi. If only Namjoon was here...

But maybe this is better? You don't know which would be easier: telling Namjoon that all his hard work has been for nothing, or receiving the nasty end of Yoongi's irritation.

You're hoping that the second will be less painful.

"Should we wait for the other two?" Jimin murmurs confidentially to you, watching uncertainly as Yoongi's perceptive eyes narrow in suspicion.

"What is it?" the black-haired employee demands. "This is what you wanted. To fix all of this, right? You threw a huge fit over it, so here. Take it."

When he thrusts the vial in Jimin's direction, your friend flinches back.

His hesitancy tells a whole story in Yoongi's eyes.

"Oh, no. No, no, no." Eyes blazing, Yoongi pushes up front his chair. His jaw is set in a way that reminds you of a bull dog hooked onto a toy, refusing to let go. "Don't you dare tell me that you've changed your mind."

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