edited-Chapter 16

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Tenten palms started to sweat she doesn't know if she should lie to him or tell him the truth. " Tenten tell me now ." He turned to her grabbing her hand in a affectionate way .

" oh god , neji-." She hiccupped as neji eyes watered . " Neji im sorry for not telling you . I was scared that you don't want the baby ." She finally told the truth . "H-how many weeks pregnant are you ." Neji Cleared his throat.

" I'm 4 weeks neji ." She answered as he nodded . He pulled her close and kissed her passionately again but it was slower . She pulled away slightly not in a bad way. " Neji.... What's wrong." Tenten grabbed his large hands that covered her cheeks .

" Tenten in 1 week we're  going into war , and you've been over working yourself like your not pregnant ." He argued grabbing her shoulders. " I know I was ." was the only thing she said .

" Tenten, tell me do you know why my future self wasn't here ?" Neji asked her as she looked pretty confused . " he probably went on a mission or something ." tenten answered honestly . " No- tenten . Sometime in the war .....I'm going to die ." He finished tenten shook her head no .

" Yes tenten think about it . Why was my uncle so happy to see me . Naruto and hinata Kids  was excited to finally 'see' me including the littlest one . Or when .... Our daughter she was staring at me , we actually had a conversation when No one was looking she didn't say who her parents were .

she looked just like you but with my eyes but different . She was too smart for her own good . " Neji was proud of his daughter .

Tenten covered her mouth as a sob escaped .

15 minutes later

After the Nejiten moment they quickly walked back . Everyone looked ready . " Tomorrow at 8 we all go . The kids Will be watched by Tsunade ." Shikamaru explained while everyone nodded .

A branch snapped making everyone turn . ".... Tenori..." F-Naruto say . " Can you tell me why there's two moons." Tenori whispered . " Wait isn't this guy the one who took tenji , Beat his A-owww."Boruto squealed as Naruto smacked him in the back of the head .

" No he's from our time so he's friendly now . And Second Tenori it's another you on this planet ." Naruto rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. " Fuck." He cursed .

" Wait what do you mean ' he's friendly now ." P-naruto say . " Oh my gosh why cant we just time travel to that event ." Ino cried out.  " We can ask her after everything is over with ." temari suggested. " you guys should've seen it he was so jealous because his Hime was taken away from him ." Sakura slightly fangirled .

" Tch, Me jealous yeah right ." F-Naruto say sarcastically. " Mhm , sure you wasn't ." Shikamaru joined . " Eh, shika your supposed to be on my side . " F-Naruto pouted . " Sorry but its true ." Shikamaru say lazily .

"You guys are mean ." He whined as he hugged on to hinata arm . " Your on my side right hinata ." He got happy suddenly . Hinata was quiet his eyes widen as he overreacted and fell to the floor . " Oh meh gawd no one loves me . " F-Naruto fake cried .

Himawari came and hugged his back ." I love you Papa , Boruto too . " Himawari cheered as Boruto sighed and nodded . F-Naruto hopped up and took himawari with him making her squeal with joy ." Yayyy!!" He cheered . " okay get some sleep because your gonna need it ." Iruka say patting Kakashi back who agreed with him.

To be continued on BTT ...

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