African Love-Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

What! the CIA.

"What are you guys spies!" I asked

"No" they both said

"Then how do you know I was bought from the CIA?"

"When you were coming my parents told us that we were taking in a person for a little while, I didn't know that they bought you from the CIA" Tristan said

"Then how do you know now?"

"I told him" Rachel said. I looked at her and she was still crying. "I overheard my parents talking to your parents about it, and they were saying that you were coming on this date and this time. They said that the CIA would confirm you for your arrival."

Oh god. What is going on. I was really not in the mood to talk so I started walking again just to find somewhere to stay or see if any cars could pick me up or drop me off at some motel or something. I looked at my phone and it was dead. It was getting light out and I knew that they were still following me.

Maybe I was taking this out of hand, but I knew that when I get home I'm going to go back home to Africa. I can't stay here anymore. I feel like everyday that I spent with these people have been a lie and I couldn't live with myself knowing that the people in this house were getting paid to watch me. What happens when I turn eighteen, will they kill me?. Will they let me go home?.

We were walking for hours when Rachel shouted at us about something.

"Look!" she said pointing to a sign

Hillary's bed-n-breakfast

She ran all the way down the rode and Tristan and I followed. When we got to the front door I realized how old it looked. It was like no one even came to this place anymore. Rachel knocked and no one answered for a while, then the door finally opened. A old lady came out and greeted us.

"Hello welcome to Hillary's bed-n-breakfast I'm Hillary" she said

"Hi I'm looking for a room for the night" I said and she looked at me. "Oh their not with me".

Tristan and Rachel looked at me but didn't say anything.

"Come on in and I'll see what I can do"

When we walked into the house it looked really old just like the outside. It kind of looked like a small hotel with a front desk and everything, but it didn't have an elevator. It had old floral print wallpaper and green carpet all throughout the place. And it smelled liked wet cats. She walked over to the front desk and checked me in for a room.

"So do you guys want to share a room?" she asked

"No! remember I said I wasn't with them" I shot back a little to harsh I regretted it after

"OK, so one room for you and how about you two since your friend isn't with you" she said looking at me with a stern face.

"I'll have my own room please" Tristan said

"Yea same" Rachel said with a low voice

"Alright if you guys would just follow me and I'll show you to your rooms"

We walked down a narrow hall and she opened a door which lead to our rooms. It was a beautiful hallway one side had a glass wall which you could see out in the garden and the other side had doors which I'm sure are the rooms.

"This is your room, number 102" " Dinner starts at 8 and breakfast starts at 10 you don't want to miss it. And you guys follow me" Hillary said

I opened my door and wasn't surprised that these rooms were definitely old because it smelled like mold and of course the same ugly green carpet. I walked over to the closet and put my bag in it. I couldn't use my phone because it was dead and I really wanted a shower, but the bathrooms were all the way down the hall next to Tristan and Rachel's rooms and I couldn't face them right now.

Lucky I had a watch on me but I didn't know how to read it because I'm from Africa we don't read time that much. We go from one place to the next hoping we aren't late. But I knew what the small had meant on the clock and it was pointed to the 7, so I'm thinking somewhere around 7:30. If I was correct then that meant I only had 30 minutes until dinner and I would have more time after to take a quick shower and head to bed. But the problem was I didn't want Rachel in the shower stalls with me, so I would have to make a plan before I went to dinner.

I could either take a shower now and hope that they won't come out of their rooms and bombard me with questions and crying fits or wait until after dinner and run to my room grab my clothes and take a quick shower before Rachel would come in. I decided to wait until after dinner but to make my plan go faster I would take my clothes out now and lay them on my bed so when I'm ready to make a dash to the shower stalls I can have everything laid out and I won't have to look through a whole bunch of clothes and it would allow me to see if Rachel would take one after dinner. If she doesn't take one now then I'll have to wait til morning.

I grabbed my clothes out of my bag and laid them out on the bed I grabbed my room key and locked my door. When I walked out of my room I saw the garden and it was beautiful I decided to take a walk out there and see what's going on.

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