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Life doesn't only exist on land. It exists in the oceans, and also the air, but not everyone knows what exists there. There are many legends passed over through the generations; many were remembered, others forgotten, some happy, some tragic. There are many people who would daydream about being the main character of those happy legends, but the same thought for the tragic ones would never cross their minds. What if the legend is long-forgotten, along with it being tragic? What would one do if he finds out that he was a part of it?


Text copyright ©️ PixiePower01 ™️2018


I do not own any of the characters' in the story, and only their personality and traits are thought out by me here. This story is a work of fiction, and the events are not related to the real life of the artists. The story is thought out by me, and any similarity found will be out of pure coincidence. Though it is inspired by Legend of the Blue Sea, this work is going to be different from it, except for some parts from the setting and the past plot. Please refrain from plagiarism, and do not reproduce or distribute any part of the story without the consent. Plagiarism in any form will be the violation of the copyright.

The updates might be slow, as I'm busy with my studies and university routine, but I will do my best not to keep you guys waiting for long '^^

Kindly let me knows what you guys think about the plot, and let me know what pairings do you want me to add? There will also be Marksana moments in the story, and there will be a connection between Jihyo, and Suga from BTS (I've not decided whether I should pair them up or not, but will decide this based on the reviews ^^)

Next time, I will introduce the main characters of the story, and my writing style, please look forward to that!! ^_^

This is my first work on this platform, I hope you will like it!

Special thanks to my friend DQuinn_17, who is my inspiration to start writing. Do check out her work!

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