"Are you sure you'll be okay on your own? I'm heading the same way; I don't mind dropping you off." Mathew insisted as he stood with folded arms in the doorway to her office. 

Jade continued clearing her desk, placing the last of the files into the filing cabinet before locking it.

"I'm quite sure, Mr. Savern. I'll be fine," she answered politely without looking at him.

With one last sweep of the room, Jade switched the light off and left the room, passing by Savern without a glance. As she walked past, she saw his jaw clench. He was still observing her, and though Jade was unaware of the perverted thoughts that filled his mind every time he looked at her, she knew his twisted mind would take the slightest sign of dismissal as rejection. 

Stepping out of her office and into the corridor, Jade checked her watch. Ten thirty – it wasn't any later than usual. 

She didn't mind how late she got. Nothing could dampen her spirit of helping. To Jade, the orphanage wasn't work, it was home. She loved it there. She loved taking in the homeless, orphaned, and occasionally rejected children. Turning those children's tears to smiles, replacing their pain with love, and filling their hearts with warmth. At the end of the day, all her struggles felt worth-it.

The only part of her life that had begun to bother her was Mathew Savern. He was new to the organization and things had become awkward since his appointment. All day, he watched her - when she played with the children, read them stories, or counselled the childless couples who came to them for adoption. Whenever Jade would look up, she would see him staring, his hawk-like brown eyes fixated on her.

Every night Jade would go to sleep with a smile on her face, thinking back to the games she had played with the children that day, the tears she had wiped and the smiles she had spread. Mathew, on the other hand, would lay awake for hours, fantasizing about her lean body next to his own, completely consumed by his desire.

It's a powerful thing: desire. A burning fire fueled by obsession. An insatiable hunger. An unquenchable thirst. A longing. A craving. An addiction. 

No matter what it took, he wanted Jade. She could tell, and wanted to avoid it at all costs.

Jade walked out of the orphanage and braced herself as she met the freezing night air. It was dark, and the sidewalks were poorly lit and empty, turning the usually bustling street into a deserted wasteland. She walked as a brisk pace, eyes on her phone as she read the day's notifications. 

The occasional zoom of a car in the distance or the bark of a dog were the only sounds she could hear. She took a short cut towards her apartment, making her way through the deserted alleys. She couldn't wait to get out of the cold and have a hot, refreshing shower. 

Turning right into a narrow alleyway, her foot nudged something, causing her to stumble. Catching herself, Jade tried to make out the form at her feet. She looked down and gasped. 

Taking a shaky step backwards, Jade surveyed the scene. The unmoving body was of a man lay prone on the ground, spread-eagled. A pool of a thick, dark-colored liquid surrounded it, and despite the low amount of light, Jade was pretty sure it was blood. 

The initial shock wearing off, panic overwhelmed her, and she quickly kneeled down beside the figure. A part of her screamed at her to be more careful but she ignored it. She reached out and pressed her fingers to the neck of the man that could either be alive or dead.

A slow, rhythmic, and barely audible beat told Jade he was alive, and she let out a sigh of relief.

Having been holding her phone already, she quickly dialed 911 and gave them her location. The man was injured and needed help. As she waited impatiently for the ambulance to arrive, Jade tried to move the man onto his back to examine him further. It was hard to do, and Jade was panting by the time she had him lying on his back.

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