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Damn you, ever-nagging plot bunnies ... I just can't get this one out of my head. I am focusing on one story, but I wanted to get a foundation on this new one. So, here we go ... This will be similar to Buying Love, Friends with Benefits, Mafia Princess and The One That Got Away, with shorter chapters and weekly updates: I'm planning on keeping the update schedule with this one ... Sunday updates, Wednesday teasers.

This is it ... the epilogue for The Magic Within. Before I get on with it, a few things ... there will not be any sequel. Things will be wrapped up in this full-length chapter. Also, thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read this story. It's been a bit different from the norm, discussing magic and with a twist on the Twilight lore. Thank you to Clo and Rita Marie for their banner-making and manipulation-making skills. You both are awesome and I'm in awe of your abilities, ladies. Thank you for all you did for this story.

Now, the final chapter ...

Chapter Thirty-Five: Epilogue


Three Months Later ...

"Edward," Bella whispered. She poked me. I groaned, snuggled deeper into our bed. "Edward, wake up."

"Only with my sexy mate, my sihrena," I said, tugging on her hand, trying to drag her back into bed. She held fast. I opened my eyes, seeing she was dressed. "What is it? Are you okay?"

She sat down, her normally luminescent skin looking sallow and her eyes tired. "I'm not feeling well," she said. "Peter is going to check me out."

"You were feeling fine last night," I smirked, remembering our lovemaking.

"I was. I did, but something's not right," she said. "I want you to come with me."

I sat up and kissed her. "Anything for you, sihrena," I said.

We were staying in our large and rustic home near Bozeman, Montana. It was beautiful and over-the-top, large enough for all our families, but small enough for a first home for me and my mate. In addition to the house, we had twenty magical creatures working on building the magic school. We'd broken ground for the school just after Thanksgiving, in late November. It was just before Christmas and the foundation of the school had been laid, but a major snowstorm stalled any progress and would probably stay that way until the heavy snows melted in the springtime.

After I dressed into a pair of jeans, a heavy sweater and some hiking boots, I met Bella down in the kitchen of our modest home. She was nibbling on some cereal, her nose wrinkled. "Not a fan of the cereal?"

"It tastes funny," she shrugged. "But, everything else just doesn't seem appealing." She looked to me, walking to me and wrapping her arms around my body. She felt so warm and it was welcomed since the weather outside was frigid, even to me – the human/fae icicle. "Do you want to blink to Peter's office or drive?"

"That blinking ability is amazing, but with as tired as you look, I think we should drive," I said, brushing my lips to hers. "Come on, love." We put on our coats and made our way to Peter's office in downtown Bozeman. Bella snoozed, her cheek pressed to my bicep as I made my way in the SUV I'd purchased. I parked in the rear of the office, gently waking her up. She scowled but got out of the car. We walked into the office and was greeted by the elf, Kebi, who was the receptionist for the medical office. She ushered us into an examination room. I lifted Bella onto the table and kissed her forehead, sliding my arms around her body. She sighed, snuggling into my arms.

Peter breezed into the office, wearing a white lab coat and a stethoscope, along with his clothes. He smiled, his eyes twinkling. "How are you two doing?"

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