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Mary's POV

I gave up on trying to get off of the bed cause every time I would get up he'll hold me back . I turned to face him I started to play with his hair .

"What is wrong with us ?" I ask him .

"The question is what's wrong with you. " He pushes me away .

"Ethan what happened to you why did you turn so dark All of a sudden . " I ask him .

"Never ask me that shut up ." He scoffs and pushes me farther away from him .

I looked down not wanting to make eye contact with him . 

"Am I important to you ."

"no ."

My eyes started to water up . I didn't look up no matter what I was already heart broken by his every response he just made .

I noticed that I was out of his grip I faked that I had to go to the restroom when I actually was going to go out for a drive . I put on my shoes grabbed my keys and carefully sneaked out . I started my car and went for a drive .

2hours later

He kept blowing my phone up . I put it on do not disturb and ignored it as I looked up at the stars on the hood of my car . I came to my favorite place ever the place where I clear my mind a lot . I just felt like crying so I just cried to let go of all of the emotions stored up inside. I see a car pull up next to mine . It was Ethan's car . How did he find me ? He gets out of his car and pulls me off of mine .

"Why the fuck would you lie and leave." He shouted .

" I never gave you permission to leave . You're fucking stupid for that now you made me mad ." He yells at me .

"LOOK AT ME WHEN IM FUCKING TALKING TO YOU !" He grabs my face aggressively.

I disobey him .

"FUCKING LOOK AT ME MARY!" He yells holding onto my face very hard .

I keep on staring down . He puts more pressure on my face .

My eyes start to tear up .


He puts even more pressure so I look up for him to stop . My face is covered in tears .

"WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU CRYING FOR ." He yells at me .

I stay quiet I don't want to answer him .

"Answer my question." He gets more frustrated.

"I'm hurt ok . I'm pretty fucking hurt inside . I feel like I'm worthless seeing you with her . " I breakdown.

"What did I ever do I didn't a thing a wrong ." He lied.

"Oh so now you didn't do anything. After you cheated on me . You didn't even promise me but you promised her ." I tears began to outline my face .

"You could never promise me anything but you promised her with your life . "

"I-I." He couldn't speak as if the words were there but he just couldn't spit them out .

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