part 1(prolouge mixed in)

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Im  rosalie .i go to ravenbend high school. i live in illinois and have NO SIBILINGS ,so once you hear that you think oh another one of those prissy rich spoiled brat stories but my story is totally different! in my story rosalie is poor but not too poor.she lives in a white brick one story house. when she was about to be three years old an accident happened with her dad in the year of 2000 and they never saw him again . she was born in november on the fifteenth and the year of 1997

                                                                          15 YEARS LATER

i just sat their and stared in amazment ."how "i thought to myself how is this possible the cutest guy at our school helped me when im nothing i dont even compare to dirt! or so people say !

i got up his dark blue ,sparkling eyes looking straight into my brown ones .it was jake.he had thick short cut dirty blonde hair and blue eyes like the ocean he had at least a gazzzzzzillion pack and was football captain and every girl had a crush on him. i even fell for him. as he helped me up i could feel the muscular montains on his arms. i blushed he smiled  at me !

i was just buying my lunch when jessica, the queen bee (and so called the beautifuliest girl in the school i disagree highly) but being the person i am i cant stand up to her so i get bullied.not like the physical type but sort of the mental type but not enough to hurt me.oh where was i yes at lunch. i was walking to my table and she put her foot in front of me and i tripped. while i fell my head landed in my applesauce and i looked like the monster u tell in a scaryu story to babies when i looked up at her i heard "maybe you should learn how to tie your shoe nerd!" i almost started crying and it was barely the end of the1stweek  of school.she didnt even give me a chance!

so as i looked around my school at all the faces wondering how in the world do they not feel guilt or shame for their actions i ran out of the cafateria about to cry a pool full of water but then i heard a soft fragile like voice calling to me. after i ran out of the laughing hall i ran into the bathroom . i guess someone in there did have a heart.

i came out of the corner and saw a face i'd never seen before she had black frizzy hair glasses green eyes and a petite nose but she was'nt fat and was'nt to short like me . but different .

i said hi in a weak ,faint voice and surprisingly she said hi back a smile came upon my face like the sun comes up every morning.we exchanged names .hers was lacey. that day i had no clue i met my future best friend!


as the days passed i wasnt bullied at all until today. i was walking around and spotted a sign on the theater door i loved that class except that jessica was there.but i still checked to see what it was. just before my wandering slow mo walk towards it she in front of me and i yelled at her then flinched just in case i got pushed again. but nothing she just looked me up and down then said you have asassy spirit you just might be able to become one of us while she said this she motioned to her chicitty chang bang club behind her.

after they all left i walked up and looked surprised at what it said:





 that was my next period i couldnt wait i was rushing through the crowd like a bullet on that mario game i was going sooooooooo fast.when i got to the theater door  suddenly it felt like a big brick of iron fell in my stomach. it was so hard to take just one single step i had to push myself to get in the door .as i opened it cold air blasted me. i think i got windlashed. when i looked in the room i saw no one was there yet i was so happy "maybe i could ge tmy audition done before everyone" i thought to myself! i ran towards mrs hubert the drama teacher and asked her exactally that " could it be possible if i could do my audition right now ?"as i waited for her answer i started to fiddle with the charm i had dangling on the end of my book "sure why not" she said . i litterallyt squeaked  i was happy!!!!!

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