The doctor removed the cast from my arm and I lifted my arms up, "I'm free! My wrist is free! Yucky, but free!" I cheered.

Niall and the doctor both laughed at me, and I felt silly for a moment. But I always feel silly or strange so nothing was different in that aspect.

We were in Dublin as the next stop, and I had the 'okay' to get my wrist cast off. It wasn't that injured to begin with, so I got to get it off early. Woo! Oh wow, I'm strange. And awkward. Oh boy. Why was Niall dating me?

The doctor let me wash off my arm considering it was all grossed up from being under a cast for so long. There was actual slime. That's completely disturbing. How did my body even make that goo? Did it come from my body or the cast? So many questions.

I asked the doctor, "Do you know when I get my leg cast off? Because as relieved I am that I don't have to be in a stupid wheelchair, crutches aren't looking too hot either."

"I don't know...maybe two more weeks? Maybe more, maybe less." He informed me.

"Oh, okay. At least I don't have to use that wheelchair. So, are we good to go?"

"Yup! Have a good day! And remember to not work your wrist too much for a little while."

"Okay! Thanks!" Niall and I left the office. "Niall. These crutches hurt my armpits."

He chuckled, "Sorry, babe."

We went to the car and started driving. We were going to go to his house in Mullingar, and I was going to meet his parents. Yup, I was completely dreading it. What if they hated me and made Niall break up with me? Oh my gosh, what would I do if Niall broke up with me? I'd probably hide in a box and ship myself to Antarctica. Does Antarctica have a postal service? Because if they didn't there could be some flaws in my plan and I'd end up somewhere in South America. Peru, maybe.

"Cal, why are you shaking?" Niall asked me from the drivers seat.

"What? Shaking? I'm not shaking. Who said I'm shaking?" Even my words were shaky. Oh Lord.

"Are you nervous because you're meeting my parents?" I didn't reply, which he took as a yes. "Don't be! They'll love you, just like I do."

I smile and joked, "I am a very lovable person..."

"I know." He grinned, looking over at me for a split second before gluing his eyes back to the road.

A little over an hour later, we pulled up to the house, but I was hesitant to get out of the car. Niall noticed this, and calmed me down. I finally made my way out of the car and up to the porch. Niall knocked on the door, and a man opened it.

"He's here!" The man, who was probably his dad, announced before grabbing Niall in a hug. "And he brought his girlfriend!"

I blushed, smiling awkwardly. This was going to be a long day, wasn't it?

"Dad, this is Calista. Calista, this is my dad." Niall introduced.

"It's nice to meet you," I managed to stick one of my hands out for him to shake.

Niall's mother came to the door, "Oh, isn't she just lovely!" She sent a smile in my direction.

Blushed again. "Thanks."

"Mom, stop. You're being embarrassing." He hissed towards his mother discreetly. But not that discreet as I could still hear him.

"Come inside!" She directed and we followed her in. I have to say, I was glad I was on crutches rather than using that wheelchair. I swear, the wheelchair made life ten times harder.