Chapter 4

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-Dave P.O.V-

You wave goodbye to Karkat as you leave his house, it's pretty nice there, but you doubt you'll go back, epically once they find out you stole some of their fruit punch, not all of it, only a cup, you just need it for Dirk.

"Hey, I'm back. I know you don't like it when I'm gone but-" Before you can even finish your sentence, Dirk practically slams you into the wall, he smelled the blood. "Yeah, I got you some food." You give him the blood, and start looking for Jake. You look at the torn up furniture, some sword mark from Bro, some Dirk's claws. Thinking back to Bro and all the strifes, before him and Dirk disappeared, and before you knew it Dirk was a mindless demon, fuckin cultists man, they fuck you up. You knock on the bathroom door. "Hey Jake, you in there?" 

"Give me a moment." Dirk rushes to the bathroom door, you guess he heard Jake's voice. It kinda feels like you have a dog, a dog that you have to feed blood every week, but you don't want a dog, you want your brother back. You're pretty sure the reason he came back instead of joining the other mindless blood suckers is cause this place is familiar to him, same reason why he likes you and Jake, some actions he recognizes too, you're sure he's still in there, somewhere. Jake comes out, a bandage on his arm. "There was an accident in the kitchen."

"Please don't tell me you let him lick a knife." You listen to how Dirk apparently just growled at the knife, then he tried killing it. Man, demons are weird, going and attacking knives like there's no tomorrow. Dirk nuzzles Jake, thankfully, Jake brought a scarf, so there's not gonna be another feeding incident. You wonder how Dirk's other friends are doing, they don't know what happened, and they think he's dead, you're trying to think if any of them are hunters or not. You should probably talk to them. Dirk likes 'protecting' you and Jake, but it's usually shit  that we don't need protection from, like the neighborhood cats, he really fucking hates cats, that's one of the main reasons you don't let him outside.

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