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I walked down the busy street in New York and took my normal route. I passed the same shops I've passed for years and noticed people who have always been there. My pink vans collided with the concrete beneath me as I walked to the Starbucks I went to every morning.

My normal routine was simple. Head phones in. Playlist blaring whatever favorite artist of mine at the time was. My dark chocolate brown hair blowing in the wind, and my green grey eyes wandering all over my surroundings of time square.

Most people in New York would take the subway. I though would never take it for reasons and my apartment only being a short walk from here, I enjoyed the walk.

"Morning, Bailey!" I heard as I walked into the Starbucks.

I looked behind the counter to see Hannah, the 30 year old owner of the store. She was basically the only thing to a mother I had now. I waved as she grinned tucking a piece of her blonde messy hair behind her ear. "Want your summer usual?" She asked me as I went to my seat. Or at least I called it my seat. I sat in the same spot every day. I nodded to her and set down my shoulder bag and notebook.

"Good morning, baby cakes!"

I walked over to the counter and smiled back at Scott. His messy black fringe fell in his face and he quickly moved it away. I silently giggled and waved to him. He called me baby cakes, but we weren't dating. It was just a nickname for me. I had multiple for him also. I'm only 18, and though Scott was 20 we've never dated since he's always been like my older brother since I met him when he started working here 4 years ago.

"One sweet shaken passion Tazo tea, for Bailey!"

I smiled and took my tea from Hanna. I placed the straw in my mouth and took a huge gulp of the delicious tea, which has always been my favorite summer drink. At night, if I came, I would have coffee. In the winter, frappacinos were my thing. In the summer, like today in June, I settled for my Tazo Tea.

Finished with my gulp and set it down and took out my three dollars and handed it too her. "Enjoy, baby girl."

I smiled and picked up my tea. I heard the door chime signaling some one was coming in. I quickly waved to Scott again before turning around.

My intention was to turn around and walk back to my seat, but the universe had other plans. When I took my first step forward I collided into a hard chest and my tea exploded all over my pink crop top and tan shorts.

"Shit!" A voice exclaimed.

I backed away worried. I don't do well in situations like these...

"Watch where you're going," a voice barked.

My head snapped up to meet a familiar face. Not a familiar face as in some one I knew, but a face that's been on the cover of every magazine lately.

His brown curls and green eyes, which seemed not to shine as bright, gave away his identity.

It was Harry Styles..

"Oh my! Here, Bailey. Use this towel to dry off," Hannah said rushing to me.

"What about me?" He barked to her.

Hannah glared at him, obviously not knowing who he was, and shook her head. "Well you could of watched where you were going too."

His face got red and he made two small fists to the side of him. I guessing he was already in a bad mood when coming here...

"Excuse me! Do you even know who I am? Now look! I'm dripping wet in whatever she was drinking!"

My mouth dropped as his sudden rudeness. Jeez, and people say the British are some of the politest people in the world... Well those people must of never met one who woke up on the wrong side of the bed..

"Hey buddy watch it!" I heard Scott shout from behind the counter.

"Watch it! Seriously, you're telling me to watch it? Maybe she should of been watching where she was going! And she doesn't even bother to say sorry!"

I tensed and quickly looked at the ground. Exactly why I didn't like situations like these... They always lead to the same thing.

"See! She's still speechless! She is obviously the plain rude one!"

I closed my eyes and fought the tears. If he knew... If he only knew. I was sorry! I really was! I just couldn't say it...

"That's it!"

I opened my, on the verge of tears, eyes and saw Scott jump over the counter and stand in front of me. His chest out and his face right by Harry's. I felt the warm, reassuring arms of Hannah wrap around me in a motherly hug.

"What's it? All I'm asking for is an apology!" Harry barked into his face.

I slowly felt myself shrink...

"She can't you idiot!" Scott shouted.

I glanced at Hannah and saw her worried face before I looked back at a raging Harry and Scott.

"And why not! Is she that stuck up?" Harry spat.

That hurt extremely bad and finally I allowed a tear to roll down my cheek.

"Bailey is not stuck up! Unlike you! She just can't say sorry to you!"

"Please Scott... don't do this..." I heard Hanna mutter from my side.

"Again! Why can't she?" Harry shouted. His veins were now sticking out on his throat.

Scott glanced at me with a sad expression his face.. I knew what he was going to do. Right now he was looking at me for approval..

Sure, why not.. Maybe Harry will then see I am sorry and not just some rude girl who spilt her tea on him.

I slowly nodded yes before facing down towards the floor.

Scott turned back to Harry and glared at him.

"She can't say sorry..." He softly said.

"Why not!" Harry shouted even louder. The boy seriously wasn't enjoying this...

"Because she's mute!" Scott yelled into Harry's face.

And just as fast as Scott said it....The whole place got silent.


That one word would never entered your mind when you looked at me.

I looked like any other normal 18 year old girl in New York. You wouldn't guess that I couldn't speak...

Tearing my eyes from the tile floor I looked up to watch Harry Styles' face go from extreme anger, to complete shock...

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