6. About the Creator

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"Since when have you been able to make things happen through writing?" Nana would not let go of my hand, she was actually shaking me in her eagerness to get an answer.

"What I would like to know is that where did this Aaron get the idea that I could do such a thing? That is a ridiculous accusation! No one can write things into being!" I looked into Tomas's dark eyes and avoided Nana's intense stare.

I was not going to admit to anything unless I had no other option.

"Aaron did not specify that," Tomas said, "But he is certain you can create through writing, and we have our ways to know... So you have all he needs – the ability to write coherent stories, the ability to read objects, knowledge of ancient Egypt and knowledge of hieroglyphs, and according to him: the ability to make things happen by writing. Which you seem to deny."

I looked at him.

"I still don't understand. If I had these abilities – what on earth would they have to do with some mysterious Creator? What is this Creator? I'm sorry, but I feel I am somehow trapped in a strange dream where nothing makes sense!"

Tomas raised his hand and slowly pulled out a necklace from under his shirt. Jonathan's eyes followed his every movement.

"Here, have a look," he pulled the chain over his head and threw the necklace on the kitchen table.

Nana took the necklace which looked much like a coin.

"Hmm, yes, look here Elena: this is how vampires depict the Creator."

I took the offered necklace into my hand and turned it towards the lamp in the ceiling so I could see better. It was cool to the touch and looked much like old Roman coins I had seen in a museum.  In the centre of the coin was a stick-like thing, with its point at what might have been a scroll. On the right hand side, bending over the table was an androgynous figure. Its form followed to the round edge of the coin. It was a human form, and its hand was touching the stick, which probably was some kind of a pen. Reed pen, perhaps. The figure's legs bent under the scroll as if it was a table, and on the figure's lap there was a circle.

"That could represent the sphere of the earth," Nana pointed at the sphere in the figure's lap.

"Looks like a scribe or writer to me," I said.

"Indeed. The Creator is a scribe. We believe it was he – or she – who created Creatures, making them alive using words," Tomas said, "And most likely written words, as all the depictions of the Creator show a pen and a book or scroll."

"But that is utter nonsense!" I threw the necklace back to Tomas, not wanting to hold it. He caught it with a quick movement without even looking into the direction where it was flying from – he was staring at Orri who approached him with a bowl.

"As you now are already inside the house, you might as well sit down and eat," Orri said and placed the bowl on the table. I saw it was full of pieces of raw meat. "It seems you are not bound by the Creature laws of invitation, so there's no point is pretending you cannot enter without one."

Tomas looked at Jonathan who in turn looked at Nana who shrugged.

"Oh well, as Orri said. Sit down and eat. You don't look too good."

"I haven't eaten for a while," Tomas admitted.

Without further ado he pulled a chair and sat down and began to eat. Though the meat was raw he ate it in quite a civilised manner. I did not want to sit near him so I kept my distance.

He did not look as pale as all the vampire stories would have people believe. His features were ageless. He was not a teenager for sure, but not middle aged either. Twenty-five, thirty? I wondered what his real age was. Or had been when he turned into a vampire. His teeth were not sharp and pointy as far as I could tell – actually Jonathan's teeth had been much scarier.

"No, the fangs are not visible unless I intend to bite someone," Tomas said to his bowl of meat, "If that is what you are staring at."

"Oh, sorry..."

"Nothing to be sorry about. Everyone is curious about vampire teeth. Thank you, that was delicious," he nodded to Orri and placed his fork in the now empty bowl. Maybe I imagined it, but it was as if his colour was somewhat better now.

"You are rather well-behaved for a vampire," Orri commented.

"Well, I was well-behaved before I was made into one, so why wouldn't I be well-behaved now," Tomas wiped his lips with a handkerchief he took from his pocket. Something in his manners was very old-fashioned. Like he was a Victorian gentleman.

"Tell us more about why you came to meet us," I asked.

Tomas nodded.

"It all boils down to this: Aaron believes in the story of the Creator. Few do, but he is a true believer. I think he has come across some old writings on the subject of Creatures actually meeting the Creator. And he believes those stories. He wants to find the Creator, using you as his scent hound, if you will."

"But how could I possibly find this Creator he is searching for? Is he out of his mind?" I spread my hands in a Italian gesture to show how crazy the whole idea was.

"That he may be... He has been vampire long enough to have detached himself from the human reality to such an extent his behaviour seems irrational. But if he believes you can find the Creator, he will not let you go. He will return to feed from you if he finds your scent, and follows it to you. You may try to avoid the inevitable by drinking that odd... medicine the lady of the house makes for you," Tomas nodded towards Nana. So he knew about the medicine. Maybe he had even observed me drinking it. "But in the end he will find you, and drink all your information out of you. He wants your skills – and after having seen you, he wants you physically as well."

It felt like someone had poured cold water down my spine. I did not want to think what that last sentence meant.

"He is in no hurry to turn you into vampire. He would let you keep your Creature skills for a while yet, and only drink from you every once in a while. To be certain you are not lying to him about what you have found. And also because he cannot be certain your skills would transfer to him fully.  But once you found the Creator he would take you for good, to try to gain your skills of writing reality. Which you say you don't have, but which he swears you do after tasting you last night."

I avoided Nana's gaze. I could not deny this skill vampires seemed to have - reading you by tasting your blood.

"So what he really wants is to become the Creator..." Nana whispered, "To take the place of the Creator, to write the reality into what he wants."

"Indeed this is his wish. But your hope lies in the fact he has not told of this plan to anyone else but a few trusted allies. One of which is me, or so he thinks."

"Tell me again - what does he need the skill of reading objects for?" Nana asked.

"One of the writings he so strongly believes in says that the Creator has left clues in this world so that if someone wants to find him – or her – they can. And these clues are objects, not writings. He is certain he has found one object that could lead to the Creator. It is a..."

He did not have to continue his sentence. I knew. My dream had already shown it to me.

"Snake," I whispered, "A golden uraeus from ancient Egypt."

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