Chapter:18 ~ Mischievous (Part II)

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Note: I have made slight changes in Chapter:1 (Part I). I just made some sentences rearranged and added some extra text to make it more clearer and better for reading. If interested you can check it out.

Information: The following chapter will help in some connected dots of the story. Why Xavier hated Ariana initially? What happened to Ariana two years ago? What this couple lost in this time? Keep your pace with the story and enjoy.

This chapter is long...

Keep enjoy reading.


Xavier's POV:

I don't understand when I want to spend my whole time with Ariana, I ended up going to this urgent meeting.

It's 5:45pm and I am on the half way from the home. I didn't call her. Actually, I want to surprise her by reaching early. 

I can't stop smiling. I must be looking like an idiot. Even the business partners were looking weirdly at me. 

I know she must be ready for the date. If not, I have no shame to make love to her all again. 


It's 6:05pm and I finally reached the home. I clicked the doorbell and waited for her to open the door for me.

She is not opening the door. Is she playing with my patience?

I can't wait anymore. I do have very less patience only in case of my Ariana. I opened the door with my spare card.

I walk inside the house. I feel a little uncomfortable with this silence. I gulped at the weirdness I felt in the house.

'Ari?', I called. 

I got no answer. I saw Jack running to my direction. He barked continuously looking at his right. 

'Where is Ari?', I asked caressing Jack. There is a red stain over his hairs.

He clutched his teeth to my pant and forced me to go with him. He made our direction to the living room.

My heart stopped when I saw the red drops over the floor. It's blood.

Jack ran to the front of the centre table in front of sofa. 

'ARI', Her name escaped with fear when I saw her lying on the floor. She is covered with blood.

I ran towards her. My hands trembled when I took her face into them. There is a deep wound in her stomach with uncontrolled bleeding.

'Ari? Open your eyes, baby. Please baby.', Tears fell from my eyes looking her unconscious state and her whole body covered in blood.

I took her in my arms and walked out of the house. I put her into the passenger seat and ran to the opposite door to drive.

I started the engine and made the way to the nearest hospital. I accelerated the car to make reach faster, but her every drop of blood seems to kill this speed.

'Ari, I am here. Just open your eyes for once.', I said hoping her to open her eyes for me. But she didn't.

'I love you, Ari. Don't you dare do anything silly. I need you very much. Please just wait a little more. We are almost there.', I said taking her hand to kiss.

I am dying deep inside my heart. I can lose anything but not my Ariana. Not a single chance to lose her. Never ever in my life.

We reached hospital. I ran to her door and took her in my arms to carry her inside. 

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