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-Niall's POV-

Okay, so at least she didn't hate me. At least I hadn't cried infront of her. At least she thinks she likes me. At least I knew what I had to do to make her fall for me. I could do this; I could gain her trust in a month: thirty days.

We watched the end of the movie with the others, my arm wrapped around her the whole time. Like friends, of course. Harry looked at me with this 'I told you face,' and I tried to not laugh. He had no clue of what had happened. He wasn't even close. When the movie ended, Laura said she had to go do something with Cassie and Linda, so I was with the boys.

"You asked her out," Harry said, more than asked. "I bet you did. And she said yes? She said yes. I'm sure she said-"

"I didn't ask her out. We're not dating, Harry." I laughed at his astonished face. "She doesn't trust me, and I think I know why. She said she has to trust me."

"That's so... cheesy. She thinks you guys will marry someday and have cute Horan babies? I'm pretty sure that's not going to be you future," Harry said with a shrug. I punched him lightly.

"Well I think she's right. So shut up." I crossed my arms across my chest and went to the guest room.


I'm pretty sure I fell asleep, because my phone buzzing in my pocket startled me too much for me to have been awake. I checked it and saw it was twitter.

@laura_mccarthy: @NiallOfficial welcome to ireland! Lets go out for dinner?

I smiled at her tweet. Well, finally someone had welcomed me properly here.

@NiallOfficial: @laura_mccarthy thanks! And hell yeah, finally!

@laura_mccarthy: @NiallOfficial k, I'll meet you in the living room (:

I laughed. We were in the same house and tweeting each other. We were definitely losers. I walked to the living room, and Laura was there. She wasn't wearing clothes she usually would wear, though. She was actually wearing a dress. I gaped, and I couldn't stop staring.

"It's the clothes, right? I told Linda you wouldn't like it..." She blushed.

"What? No, you look beautiful! I mean, more beautiful than usual... You're always beautiful." I didn't deserve her. "She's too perfect for me."

"And you know you just said that aloud?" It was my turn to blush. She just giggled and motioned for me to sit next to her. "So where do you want to have dinner?"

"Is this like, a date or something?" I asked, and she shrugged. "Then we're going somewhere fancy, my treat."

"Okay. But it doesn't mean we're dating. It's just a way for you to gain my trust."

"Yep, I know."

-Laura's POV-

I had told Cass and Linda about Niall's confession, and they had 'fangirled' for about ten minutes. They made me get dressed fancy and ask him out for dinner, because he obviously wouldn't take me to dinner without anyone telling him to. Linda brought a short, black strapless dress that would obviously look horrible on me. I didn't have the body for it. But Linda and Cassie made me put it on and they said it looked great on me. And then Niall said the same thing, and those knots appeared again in my stomach.

Niall took me in a limo, even if I had told him he didn't have to.

"Hey, I said it's my treat. I want you to enjoy this date, okay? I want it to be... the best day of your life," he said, and all I could do was smile stupidly. We arrived at a sushi place, and I turned to Niall.

"Okay. How'd you know I love sushi?"

"Hm, lucky guess?" he answered, smiling. "I remembered. You told me a few years ago, when I bought sushi."

"Oh, right! But how did you remember that?"

"I dunno. I think I remember everything that has to do with you." Why. Was. He. So. Cute.

Honestly, I'd never liked a guy before. I was only friends with them, and thinking they were hot, or even a little pretty was very weird for me. But I guess I was too old to never like anyone, so now my brain and heart decided on Niall. Why him? I didn't know. Once a mystery, always a mystery. Or not. Okay, I confused myself. Moving on...

We sat down, and a waitress came directly to our table with two menus. She obviously had noticed Niall. She didn't look at me while she passed me a menu.

"Welcome! I'm Sarah. Anything you would like to drink before you order?" she asked, flirting with Niall. Okay, trust test here, even if I knew he wouldn't fall for someone that... desperate.

"Yeah, a water please. Laura? Do you want anything?" I almost laughed at the waitress, Sarah's expression. She looked like she'd just seen a cat die. Had guys really fallen for her before? Really?

"A strawberry juice, please." The waitress nodded and walked away, pretty fast, in my opinion.

"Did you see her face?" I said, laughing. "She really thought she had a chance with you!"

"I know... I can't believe she thought I was that easy," he replied. "And with a beautiful girl like you, she's nothing."

Wow. The butterfly-knots were there again. I blushed and grinned, happier than I'd been in a long time.


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