Meeting the New Doctor

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I sat on the floor of my room playing with some of the stuffed toys that some of the people who are part of Arkham have brought me. There is pandy the panda, ellie the elephant, wolf the wolf, teddy the bear. I've been in Arkham for 4 years because my parents didn't want some around who acted like they were 4 all the time. Still no one could figure it out. In my time here 7 doctors have tried and failed to understand me today is their last resort with Doctor Crane. 

The door opened to my room, it wasn't locked but the staff keeps me closed off from some of the other inmates. The closest thing to a friend I have is a security guard named Matt. For the past few years on my birthday Matt has brought me a new stuffed toy. "Hi Brie you ready to go to Doctor Cranes office," Matt asked. 

I was never ready to meet a new doctor or person. "Matty do I have to meet another new doctor," I asked. "You know I don't like to." 

Matt offered me a hand up. "Come on Brianna lets go." I knew when people said my full name I had to do what they said right then. Taking Matt's hand he helped me stand up. We walked down the hall past the patients common room toward the Doctors offices. Stopping outside of one of them. "I'll be right out side the door the whole time." 

I knocked on the door and a a faint come in sounded through the door. 

Jonathan POV 

I came into Arkham with the knowledge that today I was get a new patient. Her file sat on my desk waiting for me to read. Not much was in Brianna's file. Her parents sent her away to Arkham when she was 14 because no one could figure out why she stopped mentally aging at the age of 4.  Since her time at Arkham began no one has been able to figure out what goes on in her brain.

I thought about the fears that could be locked inside of her head. It would be fun to mess with her mind. When I finished reading her file a small knock was heard. "Come in," I said.

Brie opened the door barely just enough to peek inside. "Come sit Miss Brianna. I don't want to be kept waiting," I said pointing to the chair in front of me. Once the girl was sitting I pressed play on the recorder so I could have extra notes later. "Welcome Miss Brianna would you like to start our session for today."

"Please sir can you just call me Brie," she said that barley above a whisper.

"Okay Brie would you mind speaking up for me?" Brie shook her head no and petted the wolf on her lap. "Why is that?" I waited a moment for a response. Brie didn't want to speak about that issue. I decided to try a different way of get the young girl to speak. "Who is that little guy?" I pointed to the stuffed wolf.

"This is my wolf I named wolf. Matty gave him to me a few year ago," Brie said.

I stood up and walked next to her. "May I see him?" Brie pulled the wolf closer to her before she gave it a kiss on it's head and handed it to me. "Brie do you know why you here at Arkham?"

"Mommy and daddy don't like how I acted and they didn't want to take care of a child like me anymore," she said.

"Do you know why you act the way you do Brie?"

Brie's POV

"Do you know why you act the way you do Brie," Doctor Crane asked.

I though for a moment but I couldn't really I just wanted my wolf back. "Can I have wolf back doctor?" I reached out for my wolf that Doctor Crane had.

"When you start talking to me you can have the wolf back," he said. I don't like this new doctor he's a meanie. I pulled on the sleeve of my light blue sweater

"I don't know why I act this way doctor. I just do and mommy and daddy didn't like it at all. Now can I have my wolf back please." Doctor Crane handed me my wolf back. I held him close to me and pulled my legs up onto the chair.

Doctor Crane sat back down in his seat. "Did you get a chance to have friends when you were younger?" I shook my head no. Mommy and daddy didn't like me around other people for long. "Why is that Brianna?" I don't like that name it always meant trouble for me. I gave a small shrug of my shoulders. I just want to go back to my room and play.

I could tell that Doctor Crane was very annoyed when he slammed his fist on his desk. "Come on Brianna say something about anything or I will take your wolf back," the mean doctor said.

I pulled my wolf closer to my body. "Daddy didn't want me around people for a long time. That didn't give me many friends."

"Brie have you been around some of the other inmates here at Arkham?"

"No my first doctor didn't want me around some of the bad people." I really did want to meet some of the other people. I really only see my room and that is it.

"Brie after this appointment I give full permission for you to be around the other inmates. I want you to make friends with some. We will see in a week if anything changes in you. Tomorrow we will meet again at the same time." Doctor Crane pushed the button under his desk to call in a security guard. Matt came in to the room. "Matt take Brie to the common room. From now on I want her to meet with other inmates from now on."

"Yes Doctor Crane. Come on Brie lets get you to the common room," Matt said.

"Also Matt I want you to be in there at all times and let me know if something happens."

"Yes Doctor Crane." With that Matt led me out of the office and toward the cell doors that is the common room. I was not looking forward to this.

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