[Broadcast] Steve has joined the multiplayer network for the first time!

I spawned in a giant stone brick design spawn where everyone was tended to their own business. Everyone had diamond armor basically, like this was a PVP server. As soon I was about to take out the things I thought I "packed", I realized that I started out with a new inventory. I was so outraged I immediately turned back to go back to singleplayer where my things were. But then, I got teleported back to where I last stood, with a red message that said: Now that you've taken the risk of coming here, you have to complete every minecraft achievement if you want to leave.

Fudgecakes. No wonder why the server was nearly full. Well if that's what it takes, I'm going to do it! So then I found my way out of spawn into the wilderness. It was a forest with many passive mobs and trees. I grabbed out my MineDex, an electronic device that keeps track of your score, achievements, and statics.

The first achievement was to open my inventory--Check. I went to a tree and gathered some wood,

Get wood-Check. Then I made a crafting table.

Make a crafting table--Check. After I did all of the simple achievements, I had all wooden tools. Time to go mining. After 20 minutes of searching for a cave,(1 minecraft day) I found a few holes, but most of them led to a dead end. Then I made a stone pick(achievement)and gathered some coal, cobblestone, and a few pieces of iron. Suddenly there was an announcement on the server.

[Broadcast]:Need a good place to mine? Go to spawn and right click the red sign to go to the public mine!

Ugh. I was forced to run all the way back to spawn. But it was worth it. When I right clicked the sign, I teleported underground where ores were everywhere! And guess what, a lot of people were here. For the diamonds of course, but they were hard to find. So I started out getting as much iron as I could, so I can make some iron tools. Then I will look for diamonds! This is soo easy! Once I made the furnace(achievemnt) I was smelting my iron, and someone tapped me on my shoulder.

"Hello. Are you new around here?" the girl said.

She had long brown hair, a green shirt with black stripes, jeans, and a little pink bow on her head to top it off.

"Yes. My name is Steve."

"OH! You're the newcomer? My apologies for not noticing you earlier. Welcome to Minecraftia! I am one of the OPs on this multiplayer network. My name is princessdiana234. I am the most trusted out of everyone too. If you need any help, just PM me." She said politely.

"Okay thanks!"

After I finished smelting my iron(achievement) I made an iron pick, then I started mining everywhere looking for diamonds.. I spent two hours doing it, (6 minecraft days) and I was able to find 35 diamonds! (achievement!) That was enough to make a full set of diamond armor, and a full set of diamond tools. I immediately made full armor and full tools accept axe, shovel, and hoe.

Well, this was pretty easy. Time to put my pvp skills and armor to the test.

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