Part 9: Team Rainbow Rocket

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[Name]'s POV

"Oh shit..." I trail off while looking at the castle that was once white, but is now a blood red. "The space here suddenly became all twisted and the programming of the plaza was rewritten! That's why the castle look so..." Sophocles trails off and I grin. "Cool!" I exclaim and he chuckles. "You get it! The way its so dark and menacing does give it an enticing vibe. Whoever made this sure does have a good taste for architecture," he tells me and I face him. "But still, they broke through my impenetrable security system and took complete control of the plaza. Be careful in there! These guys obviously know what they're doing," he warns me with a frown. "I will. I'll help take back the Festival Plaza," I tell him and he grins.

"I'm glad that you're with me, [Name]. W-we should go now," he says and both of us walk into the castle. We approach a man in a black uniform and he spins around, revealing a rainbow R on his chest. "Who are you?! Nobody is allowed to enter Team Rocket's Castle!" he announces and my eyes narrow. 'Team Rocket... I thought I dealt with them years ago' I frown and Sophocles looks down. "I... I have admin rights..." he stutters and the Team Rocket Grunt stomps his foot. "What is that?! How dare you try to confuse me with that nerdy language!" he exclaims and coughs, turning his back to us to regain his composure.

"No matter!" he states and faces us again. "Team Rocket's castle is under our control," he states and I deadpan. "Doesn't the renaming of this castle suggest you have control?" I ask and he grits his teeth. "I don't need your smartass comments!" he shouts and I smirk. "There's nothing you can do now anyways!" he laughs evilly and walks away. "It seems like this group calls themselves Team Rocket," Sophocles states and I nod. "I met Team Rocket years ago... but I thought I dealt with all of them at the time. It seems they're back," I frown and the Electric Captain looks at me. "So they're definitely not good people?" he asks and I shake my head.

"Far from it. If you thought Team Skull was bad... well, let's just say, Team Rocket makes Team Skull look like child's play," I explain and he frowns. "I can't believe I let the Festival Plaza get taken by a group like them. But still... he said the castle was under their control. What exactly did he mean?" Sophocles asks and I hum. "They must have someone who is very technical. Someone able to override your system and pretty much create their own," I respond and he frowns. "Give me a second. I'll check what happened," he states and pulls out a control pad.

I look around the lobby area of the castle when Sophocles gasps. "I've got it, [Name]! They have some sort of program lock that prevents us from using the Pokémon in our party. We need to figure out some way to chase them out of here, without using our own Pokémon," he says and I hum. 'If no one can use their own Pokémon in the castle, that means Team Rocket can't either. But... they never said anything about using someone else's Pokémon' I smirk, turning to look at Sophocles. "Do you have any ideas on how to chase Team Rocket out of here?" he whispers, glancing at the other Grunts in the room.

"Other people's Pokémon. The Battle Agency," I whisper with a smile and his eyes widen. "We can use other people's Pokémon to battle. We don't have to use our own!" he exclaims and pulls out a tablet. I watch as he taps away on the screen and he glances up at me. "I'm using my admin rights to access the debug feature. I'm now rebooting the reception program," he tells me and a few seconds later the reception desk and a woman scan in. "Okay! I've made it so we can now use the Battle Agency. I wish there was more I could do, but I don't have access to all my admin rights," he cries out and I frown.

"It's fine. I can work with what we have," I tell him and he takes a deep breath. "I need you to defeat Team Rocket using the Battle Agency, [Name]. I'll try and get back all my admin privileges while you're busy," Sophocles explain and I smirk. "Okay. Good luck," I tell him before walking over to the reception desk. I choose my Pokémon and a few Trainers from somewhere in the world are invited to join my team. "Agent [Name], please change into your outfit and then we'll go," the receptionist says and I am handed a pair of sunglasses.

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