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Mother combed back my dark brown hair, making sure every single strand was absolutely perfect.

I watched as her grey eyes stayed transfixed on my dark hair. Luckily, I'd gotten my father's blue ones which my brother has always been jealous of. We are twins, and although we look almost identical, our eyes always contradicted one another. He was like my other half, always there for me as I was for him.

As my mother hummed a soft lullaby I thought of what my best friend, Liam, would be doing today. Maybe I'd go over to his housing unit later to pay him a visit. We'd been best friends for our whole lives, almost like a brother to sister relationship. That's how Liam and I always saw it, but I feel as if our parents want us to one day get married and live out the 'perfect' life like they have, but I just don't see that happening.

"We're all done Rosemary." My mother exclaimed whilst stepping back and admiring her work.

"Mum, for the last time please call me Rose." I insisted for the thousandth time.

"I will call you by the name our government gave you!" She said loud enough for me to hear as I walked up the dusty stairwell.

"Still on that name thing, huh sis?" Ryder, my twin, leaned against the doorway of his bedroom with a smirk on his face. His own dark brown hair shot out in every direction, clearly he hasn't brushed it today.

"Please, I'm not in the mood for this." I said with a deep sigh while passing him and entering my own bedroom.

I laid down on my plain white bed, surrounded by plain walls, another thing the government chooses for us. The only other furniture in my bedroom was a nigh stand, dresser, and tall mirror which is leaned upright just near the door. I pass by that mirror everyday, cringing at the boring gray clothes we must wear.

Suddenly, I could hear my door slowly creaking open, "I really don't want your shit right now Ryder."

"Good thing I'm not Ryder then." I shot up at the sound of Liam's soothing voice. His hair was styled up today, his light brown hair at the perfect length.

"Did you also have your hair cut today?" I asked.

"Yes I did, and it looks like you did as well." He said with a grin, crossing the room and causing my bed to dip down as he sat in it.

"Yes, and my mother keeps calling me Rosemary, can you try and convince her to start calling me Rose instead? You know how much she adores you."

"You just started asking people to call you that, what, a few months ago? Give her some time to get used to it, I'm sure she'll come around." Liam said with a smile.

"Why must you be so damn good at giving advice?" I pondered. Liam simply chuckled, he's always been so kind, probably since our small district was known for that.

"Anyway, tomorrow is the big day, are you nervous?"

Tomorrow the government tests us, and determines what district the people in my class will belong to for the rest of our lives. Right now I am in District Four which is known as the kind district, we normally become teachers or therapists, not much is exotic about us.

"I don't know if I should be, if I'm placed in another district I will never see my family again, that's what probably scares me the most."

"I feel the exact same way, my parents would be heartbroken if we got separated, let's just hope the government makes the right decision."

"It shouldn't even be their decision." I say, disgust evident in my voice.

This is where Liam and I differ, he believes in everything the government does, and I don't. Before all of these laws were made, people could live however they wanted, and everyday I dream of what it must have been like to make decisions for yourself.

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