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this is not a lemon but contains some fluff.


I was hanging out with my Boy Friend Leonardo (IDK how to spell this?) and we were just meditating. After a little wial i got board and decided to sit in his lap and force him to cuddle with me. Well that didn't go so well. "(Y/n) stop i'm trying to focus." Leo said "but weo!" i wined "no (Y/n) this is important if you don't want to help me then go watch TV or something." he said "fine i'm go watch space heroes and spoil it for you." i said leaving the dojo and turning on the TV and started to silently cry.

Leo's P.O.V

(Y/n) said she was going to go watch space heroes and spoil it for me so 'WAIT SPOAL IT!' "(Y/N) NO DONT PLEASE!" i screamed as ii ran out of the dojo ant to were she was "nope." she said popping the 'p' "but (nick name)" i said "no weo this is what you get for being mean." she said as a tear ran down her cheek, that's when i realist she was crying. "Babe no don't cry." i said sitting down next to her and pulling her into my lap "b-b-but y-y-you-" "shhh its ok (Y/n) i'm sorry" i mumbled to stop her from sobbing as i boneset her on my knee as gently as possible. After a wial she fell asleep and i realized that i missed an entire episode of space heroes but that's not important.


hi loves how was it

Leo: horable

Me: how, wait is this about you missing spais heros

Leo: yes, and it's very important it was a new episode!

Me: *sigh* oh Leo. *walks away with here phone*

By Love's~Marcellus

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