Chapter 2

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Hey guys! Hope you liked the last chapter- and now for number 2! Sorry it's not as long as the last one but thought it was a good way to end the chapter- anyway- enough of me! Happy reading my little chums!! H xx

"Music then first!" I said happily still laughing.

"We don't need to go yet! The bell hasn't even gone!" He said still smiling.

*school bell rings*

"Oh yeah!!" I giggle whilst pulling him by the hand through the crowds of rushing school children.


*in the music lesson*

"Good morning class!" My teacher says chirpily. "You may sit where you wish for your last year in Music, however, by no means does this mean that you are allowed to misbehave..." I, along with the rest of the class stopped listening and ran to get a good space.
Brad, dawdling behind the rest, came and sat down next to me.

"This seats not taken is it, Skye?"

"No, go ahead!" I said softly.


Later on, Miss was going on about the twelve bar blues and all of that stuff... I turned to look at Brad and he looked fascinated! He turned towards me and a massive grin appeared on his lovely face!

Miss then said abruptly "Okay class, we're going to go through the scales one by one, remember open your mouths!!"

We don't usually go over singing in our lessons, so I was glad that we got to today! The only reason I took music, really, was because I wanted to sing!

One by one my turn got closer until it was me. I opened my mouth and and sung the loudest and the best that I possibly could!

I even got a few claps!! Eh! Not to bad if I do say so myself!!

Brad whispered in my ear "you were amazing, Skye..." He say proudly.

"aww thanks Brad!" I said as I let out a huge sigh.

"I guess it my go now then.." He said nervously.
He sang beautifully going through all the scales without any faults.

"That's was amazing Brad!" My teacher said in awe, "you have a real gift!!"

"Ermm.. Thanks.." He said blushing

*bell rings*

As we walked out the door, I spoke "Oh my gosh, Brad! Your fantastic!!"

"Ya really think so?" He questioned.

"YES! A group of guys in our year have just formed and band, but still need a lead singer- YOU SHOULD AUDITION!"

"Haa. No" he said sarcastically.

"Unless you want to be wandering around this school, not having a clue where your going for the next year, then I suggest you try out!" I said with a slight laugh in my voice.

"Fine, fine. I'll try!" He said holding his hands up as though he was surrendering with a grin on his face!


"Woah! I forgot how boring Geography was!!" I joked.

"I know yeah!" He chirped.

I then saw my three best friends walking towards me with that look on their faces as to say 'OH MY GOD, SHE'S WALKING WITH A GUY- I BET SHE FANCIES HIM!'

"Hellllooo there!!" Ellie says with a smile on her face! "You must be the new boy!" She says as though she knew he was here.
My friends do make me laugh sometimes..
"Hey" Brad says looking at little freaked out.

"Brad this is Ellie, Kyra and Ella, my best friends!"
"Nice to meat you!" He says politely.

"Well.., I think we have to go now, don't we girls!" Ella says giving me the 'in such a good friend- you owe me one!' look, and smiles.

"Do we?- no we don't!" Ellie protested obviously wanting to stay and talk to my new 'friend'.
"YES! Yes we do!" She says dragging Ellie and Kyra by the arm walking away into the distance.

"Well the was weird.." I say giggling.
I turn to take one last look of my friends to see them all raising their eyebrows and Kyra mouthed 'go get 'em tiger!' with a big wink!

I really do have the greatest friends anyone could ask for..!
Maybe I might claim a new one as well today! Or more...

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