1.01. My Big Chance!

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PART ONE: Love of the Virtual Kind

Chapter One

Adjusting my new Canon DSLR on its tripod, I sat back on my piano bench and took a deep breath. This week's video was a huge deal.

Jacob was starting a contest on Twitter tomorrow where the one winner would win the chance to sing a cover with him for his channel. Most girls wanted to win for the publicity of being on his channel, but I had other motives. I'd finally be able to sing with my idol. That is, if I won.

I was about to start rehearsing when my phone dinged. I pulled it out of my jeans pocket and clicked the home button and saw I had a twitter notification.

"@JacobWhitesides: can't wait to hear all of your beautiful voices! Tweet me the link to your video with the hashtag #jacoblisten :)"

My stomach rippled with nerves and I took a shaky breath. This one song would make or break my life.

Stop, Maddy, you're being over-dramatic.

I shook my head and set my phone on silent. After resting it on the side of my piano, I flipped through my music to find the perfect song and nervously chewed the inside of my cheek.

Hm... Coldplay? No, too slow.


Too depressing.

One Direction?

Too mainstream.

Ed Sheeran?

Nah, too popular.

My frustration levels were steadily rising as I struggled to find a song. I flipped through all 13 of my sheet music binders and sat on the floor with a sigh. Scanning the room, my eyes locked on the corner of a grey book sticking our from under my bookshelf. Maybe all hope isn't lost!

I scooted across my floor and pulled the book out.

Adele. Perfect!

Finding out which song to play would tricky, as all of her songs were so phenomenal. Eventually, I settled on a classic: 'Chasing Pavements'

When I sat back down at the piano, music in hand, I had a new-found confidence.

"Let's do this!" I whispered, setting the music on the stand, wiggled my fingers, and pressed record on my camera.

* * * * *

"Maddy! Breakfast!" My mom yelled from the kitchen.

My eyelids fluttered open and I groaned when I saw the light streaming in through the window. Not really what I wanted to see on my Saturday morning that was meant to be filled with sleep. Then I remembered.

"Ah!" I shouted, and kicked my blankets to the side, literally flinging myself out of bed. I yanked my phone off the charging dock and jogged down the hall to the bathroom. After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I hurried downstairs and slid into a seat at the counter in the kitchen. Mom slid a plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast in front of me, along with a glass of apple juice.

"So what are your plans for today, honey?" She asked while she soaped up a pan. I swallowed my bite of food and took a sip of my juice.

"Jacob's contest starts today. I have to win, Mom. It'd open up so many doors and possibilities, and I'd finally get to interact with Jacob, plus being able to sing with him would change my life! Don't you see-" I realized I was talking really fast, and my Mom interrupted.

"Don't worry, Maddy, I'm sure that you've got a strong chance at winning," She reassured me with a smile. I nodded and finished the rest of my breakfast. I gave her a quick hug before rushing back up to my room.

Sitting on the edge of my bed, I opened up Twitter on my Mad. I quickly checked my notifications and answered some DMs before I began my tweet spam to Jacob.

"@JacobWhitesides #jacoblisten my dream is to finally sing with you, please pick me! youtube.com/itsMaddyC/rolling-in-the-deep-adele-cover.mp4"

I copied the tweet and sent it about 175 times. When I was finished, I scrolled through my timeline. My heart dropped: Jacob was tweeting people about their videos.

"@JacobWhitesides: .@layneegrace12 has such an amazing voice, keep up the good work!"

"@JacobWhitesides: .@wigglewilk I'm pretty sure that you're going to make it big with a talent like yours :)"

"@JacobWhitesides: .@ohmyjacob such a beautiful voice, I love it."

None of his tweets had my user in them.

After reading a few more of the tweets and checking out those girls' reactions, I started to feel sick with jealousy.

I slammed my screen shut and stormed into my closet, throwing on some suitable clothes. On my way out the door, I dabbed on some mascara and grabbed the keys to my 2008 Honda Fit.

"Where're you going?" Mom asked, looking concerned, as I tugged on my navy blue TOMS.

"Out," I snapped, maybe a little too harsh, as I dashed out the door.

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