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j.k pov-


I woke up to the sound of someone texting me... a sound that has put me on edge for quit a while now. Ever since we were on the AMAs this person has been sending me threats and notes and pictures' of me in the shower ,sleeping ,working out and there just of me.

Not my other members and I'm actually extremely happy that its just me not my hyung's I would be so worried if they were being harassed god I don't know what I would do if one of my hyung's got hurt.

I thought about telling someone but I think it would be better to not tell anyone, everyone's under a lot of stress ever since we made it big in the states...it's not like I'm that important anyway.

I grab for my phone hoping it's not who I think it is. ugh it's 6:30 we don't have to be up tell 7:00, as my eyes trail down from the time to the notification I see the two words that make my heart sink every time I see them 'unknown ID' I cringe before finding the courage to look at what my stalker had said this time.

unknown ID sent at 6:28am:

'hey baby boy don't work your self to hard at dance practice now we wouldn't want you to get hurt would we.'

what the fuck how did this person know we had dance practice. Screw it I don't care I need more sleep. I try to close my eyes but its no use I cant sleep with have just gotten that message even though I said I don't care I do I'm so scared.

Okay Jungkook calm down just go on your phone. About 3 minutes of going through twitter comments I see something on our most recent post that jimin had posted yesterday of all of us in tight tuxedos I smile at the memory that smile falls as I see someone who commented something directed towards me. 'am I the only one who see's how much better bts would be without jungkook I mean he takes all the lines away rom the other vocalist he raps with amazing rappers and he just sounds like shit and hes always in the front and hes not even as good as dancer as some meembers' then I checked the reply's hoping armys may have stood up for me but instead I saw people agreeing with them 'yeah and he's been gaining weight like why is he in the front when jimin is sooo much better looking'

Without knowing I had a hot tear running down my face, I tried to keep my crying down so I wouldn't wake up anyone this is why I'm glad I have my own little room I used to sleep with namjoonie hyung but now I sleep alone and even though Loved it with hyung I'm happy I can be alone because I'm just a burden. As I wipe the tears falling I feel the itching on my wrist saying I need to do it, I need to cut again. With that thought I'm already on my way to the bathroom trying to be quit and keep my sniffling down. I quickly open the cabinet searching for my secret razor. Now I'm looking down at that tiny little piece of metal that causes so much harm yet so much comfort, I bring it to my wrist when I suddenly think of taehyung, taetae hyung is the only member that knows what I do he found out one day and it broke his heart he promised he wouldn't tell anyone as long as I didn't do it again because it 'hurt him to see me hate myself' but I think it hurt me more to see him cry .

God why the hell am I such a disappointment to where I make my hyung's cry...even though I promised him I wouldn't do it again I think I need to. Yeah I'll just hide it from him.

With that thought I brought the blade to my wrist slicing multiple parts of skin not to deep though I needed them to heal before our next performance. As I watched the blood trickle down my arm onto the floor I go down to cut one last time but well I'm dragging the blade down all the sudden I here everyone's alarm going off causing me to jump making the cut way to deep blood starts quickly pouring out.

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