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Liam was right. The fish and chips were completely amazing and the beer made them even better. As I polished off the last french fry from my plate I eyed the few remaining on Niall's. Before I could do anything, he shoved them in his mouth, and proceeded to pick off Eleanor's leftovers. 

"Your stomach is ridiculous," she laughed as Niall devoured the food. "I don't know how you stay fit when you eat like that."

"You think I'm fit?" Niall said, batting his eyelashes dramatically. "Why thank you, love."

Eleanor shrugged. "Not as fit as my Louis, but sure. You're not completely unfortunate looking."

Louis glowed at her praise. He leaned over to whisper in her ear, and her cheeks flushed to pale shade of pink. "Well, boys, I think we're going to take off for the evening. Don't wait up for me, Haza."

The boys wolf whistled as Louis and Eleanor exited the restaurant towards her car. My phone buzzed in my pockets and I pulled it out. 

Boo-bear Tomlinson: Thanks for a great day! Eleanor says she likes you :)

Gemma Carlisle: Glad she approves. And I should be thanking you for the day. Also, Boo-bear?

Boo-bear Tomlinson: Gotta love a pet name! See you at rehearsal tomorrow!

"Who are you talking to?" Niall enquired.

"Louis," I replied. Niall grabbed my phone and programmed his own number into it. 

"Alright boys, we're off for the evening. I'll see you all tomorrow," Liam said as he and Danielle rose from their seats. He snatched his credit card from the newly returned bill and they exited the restaurant together, laughing about something.

"They're cute," I murmured.

"They've been together for a while now. I think he's going to keep her," Harry agreed. "What do you think, Zayn, should we take Gemma out for a night on the town?"

He looked me up and down. "I don't know if she can keep up," he said, standing. He offered me his hand, which I accepted. 

I smiled when he didn't let it go. "I'm always up for a challenge," I said, looking into his gorgeous eyes. 

"Well let's go then," he replied with a grin. As we reached the door he dropped my hand, but put his arm around my shoulders. "Paparazzi would go insane if they saw us holding hands," he said, noticing my puzzled expression. "This is clearly just friendly.

"Oh. That makes sense," I agreed, though my heart sank as he spoke.

The moment we stepped outside the restaurant I was blinded by flashing lights. "Just keep moving," Zayn said. "They'll stop once we get to the limo."

We piled into the limo, but my foot caught the door as I stepped in and I went tumbling. I looked up to find my face planted on Zayn's pants. 

"We can get another car," Niall offered, noticing our awkward pose.

"Or at least we can ride up from with Andrew," Harry laughed.

I sprang up immediately and shared an embarrassed look with Zayn. "You boys need to get your mind out of the gutter."

Andrew rolled down the screen that separated him from us. "Where am I taking you? Back to the apartments?"

"No thanks, Andrew," Niall said. "Take us to Valentino's please."

"You've got it Mr. Horan," Andrew said, rolling the screen back into place. 

Harry pulled out his phone and snapped a picture of Zayn and I. He looked at the screen and grinned, showing it to me. Zayn appeared to be mid sentence and I was blinking. "Harry don't you dare put that on the internet," I growled.

"Too late," he said cheerfully, tapping the screen as he spoke. 

My phone pinged with an alert from twitter.

Harry_Styles: What cuties @PreciousGemma123 @ZaynMalik 

"I can't believe you tweeted that," Zayn groaned. "I'll get you back for that, Harry!" 

I was sucked into my own twitter. "I have ten thousand followers!" 

The boys laughed at my shocked expression. "That's what happens when we start tweeting at you," Harry said. 

"I bet you've got some lovely death threats too," Niall said. "Girls seen with us usually do."

"I love our fans, but they can get nasty!" Harry agreed. 

I scrolled through my mentions and found that he was right. I had at least a hundred girls threatening to kill me for stealing their boys. "They're crazy! Where are you taking me?"

"This is our favorite club," Harry said as we pulled up. "They love us too."

"We never have to wait in line," Niall agreed. He took my hand and led me out of the limo. His arm found its way around my shoulders and I wrapped mine around his torso. "Hello, Michael," he greeted the bouncer.

"Hey boys! Where are Liam and Louis?" He asked, breaking into an easy grin when he saw the boys. 

"They're with their girlfriends," Zayn said. 

"But we're much more fun anyway," Harry said.

"And who's this?" Michael asked, nodding at me. "Who does she belong to?"

"She's our new stylist. She's American," Niall said proudly. "And we're taking her out for her first night in London."

"Well come on in then," Michael said, motioning us in the door. 

We were assaulted by blasting music. "I'm going to get drinks," Harry yelled in my ear. "What do you want?"

"Surprise me," I yelled back. Harry smiled and took of for the bar. I leaned into Niall, who was still holding me to his side. "So what do you do here?"

"I like to dance with pretty girls," he yelled back. "And as much as I'd like you to be that pretty girl, I don't think Zayn would like that. So I'm going to pass you off."

"I'm not a toy," I laughed as he gently shoved me towards Zayn.

"I agree," Zayn said into my ear. "You're far too pretty to be just a play thing."

"I've got drinks!" Harry said as he came back with hands full. He handed me some kind of martini. "Chocolate martini. See if you like it."

I took a cautious sip and found that I did. "It's tastey!"

"Careful. You can't taste the alcohol in them which means it's easy to get drunk off them quickly," Zayn warned, sipping on what appeared to be a vodka soda. 

"But that's the fun!" Harry said cheerfully. 

"Are you Harry Styles?" A very pretty blonde asked a little timidly. 

"Yes I am," he replied. "Do you know who you look like?"

"Who?" She giggled.

"A girl I'd like to dance with. Come on." He downed his drink, winked at me, and led her to the dance floor. 

Niall quickly found a leggy blonde of his own, leaving me alone with Zayn. Before either of us could say anything the song morphed into an electronic remix of What Makes You Beautiful. "You're everywhere," I laughed into his ear. 

"Seems like sign to me. Come dance with me," he yelled back. He took my hand in his and pulled me next to Niall.

I couldn't stop smiling as his hands found their way to my hips. Zayn pulled me close, and I found there was nowhere I'd rather be than in his arms. 

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