My Sister Wants My Baby...

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Hi, My names Eleanora Abigail Esmeralda Thompson, I have 3 'loving' brothers Storm, Dylan and Reilly but I rarely get to see Storm, in fact the last time I saw him was 2 years ago because he's in the army following my father's footsteps. Dylan is my older twin and the 2nd youngest, he's only older than me by 11 minutes but that is a HUGE age difference to him. Dylan has short dark brown hair and light brown eyes that are not like mine at all. They are similar to my grandmothers. He is 6 ft something and has muscles and a 6 pack...not that I look but it doesn't help if your brother ALL walk around the house like they are God's gift to the 'perfect' man. 

Finally there is my 2nd oldest brother Reilly but he's still older than me.  

Reilly is 19 and is in college but still lives at home because 'it's cheaper'.  

The truth is my mom cried so hard when he graduated that he didn't have the heart to tell he that he was moving out so he stays at home. He has a girlfriend called Mia-Beth. I don't mind her because she's like a sister to me; she has sandy blond hair that stops at her back and grey eyes. Mia is 5ft 3 and has a petit shape that anyone would kill for.  

The other great thing about her is that when she was in high school with my brother she was popular while my brother was average. She wasn't conceited and stuck up or slutty, she was the way she is now...kind. Even though her friends told her to date all the football players she chose MY brother. 

My sister Annaleigh is 19 years old and is also Reilly's twin sister (twins run in my family).She moved out after high school and is now in medical school studying to be a Surgical specialist but she keeps visiting. 

She has dark brown hair and matching eyes like Reilly  

As for me...  

I have dark brown hair that reached my elbows. My eyes are a dull brown too. I'm 5ft 2 and have a curvy figure that could make Beyonce jealous. I have long slim legs and a heart shaped face which according to my mom reminds her of the day she fell for my dag *gag*

My parents aren't your typical parents because 1) my mom is a stay-at-home mom and she's like a best friend to all of us especially me because I'm the youngest and she was too. 2) My dad Michael is WAY too protective, he had ALL of us take up Self-defence classes when I was 7 and we still do them now 11 years on. And when I first bought my boyfriend home to meet my family he hid a gun under his seat just in case...OMG!!! I ACTUALLY THOUGHT HE WAS GONNA SHOOT LUCAS!!! But he didn't, and finally 3) even though we have plenty of money my dad works non-stop because he says 'his days in the army are over and he wants to move on' the truth being he wants to get away from a house full of teenagers as long as he can but he always comes back for the loves of his life; food and my mother- Crystal. 

Now on to my friends...

Sam: She has light brown eyes; she's 5ft 5 long brown hairs down her back. Sam can drive (so can I) but she likes getting lifts because she wants to use her car in emergencies...HA!!!! LAZY...but love her for that...

Alex: Best guy friend I's not gay...He's a jock , light black hair that covers his eyes let's just say if it wasn't for our friend code, Sam liking him and my loving boyfriend I MIGHT just date him...NOT REALLY but he's HOT!!!

Finally....Lucas....MY BOYFRIEND and first crush... I've liked him for as long as I can remember but he was a MAN-WHORE back them so I didn't ask him out or think twice about him (LYING...HE WAS ALL I THOUGHT ABOUT). I was always the average student but was VERY smart. One day the teacher asked me to tutor Luke because, let's face it, he was not always the sharpest tool in the shed!!! One day I went to his house to help him with his homework, when he prepared this dinner for us and asked me out...NOW he's whipped and only has eyes for me...and Taylor Swift ...but I can dream...

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