cinqo | amigos

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Translation for Spanish words
used in this chapter —

Amigos — friends
Fiesta de los Muertos — Day of the Dead


Dear Jimin,

How are you? Is everything okay down there?

I know I'm not.

I've seen this girl. And Lord forgive me, but I've never wanted a woman more in my life.

She's not too keen on me though, to my shock horror.

But oh well. A man must try.

I miss you, amigo. I know the Tomatina is barely months away, but you better come up with an excuse to see me soon. It gets too hectic with Jin constantly talking about that Namjoon I mentioned last time.

I'll write again soon. Piccolo still waits for you.

Tu amigo, Jungkook.


After writing the letter, Jungkook quickly shrugged off his suit and pulled on his leather boots as he left the estate, assuring the nurse that he'll be back by sundown.

On his way to the stables, he carefully slipped the sealed envelope inside his waistcoat pocket, making sure it doesn't crease.

Calling for a stable boy, he followed the child to the open faced wood hut, pulling the little gate to let himself in.

Pulling at a leash, the boy brought out a chocolate brown horse, huffing angrily at being tugged.

Jungkook waved his hands for the boy to stop, going over to the animal.

He put his hands on the horse's face, gently caressing it in an attempt to soothe it.

"It's okay," he murmured softly. "Easy does it."

Slowly, the once irritated animal began to calm down, neighing quietly against the boy.

"We've got work to do, Coco," he whispered. "And we must be quick."

As if understanding the boy's order, the chocolate brown horse let out a loud snort.

Jungkook, walking to the horse's side, grabbed onto the saddle.

Then, putting his foot upon the stirrup, he heaved himself up, swinging his leg over the horse and hanging at its opposite side.

Now atop the horse, Jungkook turned it towards the entrance. Leaning beside its ear, he whispered, "Let's go, Coco."

One snap of the reigns had it neighing loudly as it went up on its hind legs.

And with that boost, Coco sped out the gates, and soon the estate altogether.

Into the city it galloped, its hooves clattering against the concrete, racing like a jockey close to a finish line.

The wind whipped at the boy's face, messed with his dark locks as Coco rode faster, not for any sort of urgency but for the sheer amusement of it.

Some poor citizens nearly got trampled over, and made sure to glare at the boy as he rode past. Adrenaline, however, drugged his mind, his soul to a point of stripping away his sense of safety and the world around him.

He turned a sharp corner, nearly ramming into a carriage.

It made the madman laugh. He'd been in this situation too many times to count, most with the man he was sending his letter to, when the young boys would ride their horses into the city square and wreak harmless havoc upon the people.

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