Ellen's POV

'I'd like you to meet my brother' Seth said cheerfully, pulling me by the hand. Seth and I had been dating for five weeks and so far, everything seemed perfect, key word being, seemed. My eyes were starting to wander and other boys could make my head turn. It was this time in a relationship where I allowed myself to show interest in others. I wasn't one for monogamy. In Seth' world there was only me and I liked it. I never did anything intentionally, but feelings are feelings and mine told me it was time to leave the lovebird nest and to get comfortable in another.

'Now?' I almost shrieked, fearing I would never be able to leave him once I had met all of his family. 'Sure, he'll be here any minute' he smiled, dragging me into the tiny coffee shop around the corner.

I wasn't keen on meeting his brother, after all they had the same gene pool, meaning his brother was probably just as mushy and cute and who wants a guy that's cute?

'Hey Dean, over here' he called, making me almost spit out my Latte. This was his brother? How on earth was it possible that these two were related? He was the epitome of what I like to call a bad boy. He wore a black leather jacket and nice Ray-Bans, walking towards us with a cocky grin, his hands stuffed into his pockets. His blonde messy hair hung playfully into his perfect face. I felt like I had been trampled by a herd of bulls. His perfectness was getting to me. I instantly pulled out my pocket-mirror under the table, trying to get one last glimpse of my messy appearance. My hair had turned into a bowl of limp noodles, dangling unattractively into my sweaty face- thanks to Seth who had made me ride a bike earlier through Central Park. I faked an enthusiastic smile when Seth introduced me to Dean. We sat down and I crossed my legs, making sure he would get a good glimpse of them. This oddly was the first time I ever felt nervous around a guy. Usually it was the other way around. It was weirdly refreshing to have sweaty palms and a hummingbird heartbeat.

'So you work in PR?' he asked, lighting a cigarette. 'Dean- you're not allowed to smoke in here' Seth hissed. 'Chill, it's fine, right Betsey?' he winked at the waitress, who shyly smiled in return.

'Yes, I work for Miller & Brooks. What do you do for a living?'I asked, trying not to sound too interested.

'I am a self-declared writer. You know you would make the perfect story character?' he said, sensually blowing the smoke through his nostrils.

'Really?' I kind of squeaked, sounding like a guinea pig who had stepped onto something sharp.

'Yeah, you would be the cold gold digger, who would do anything to climb the social ladder' he replied without the hint of cracking a joke.

'Dean, what the hell?' Seth frowned, grabbing my hand in defense.

For a moment I just sat still, inwardly fuming.

'Well, 'thank you, I guess. Every good story needs this kind of character; you don't want your readers to be bored, do you?' I flashed him a smile, putting out his cigarette.

'Seth, can we go now?' I urged, getting annoyed by Dean's constant smirk.

'Well, put Ms. Grace' he did a little bow.

'Yeah Ellen, wait for me outside, will you? I have to talk to Dean' Seth said sternly, while I grabbed my coat.

'I would say nice to meet you, but that would be a lie and I'm not comfortable lying' I said in a polite tone, refusing to shake Dean's hand.

He did a silly meow noise before I headed out.

 Third Person POV

'What the effing hell, man?' Seth exclaimed, studying his brother's face.