9| Rockstar.

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9|  Rockstar.

"He believed me." Luke laughed, shoving his phone in his pocket. He had just got Siri to text Ashton that he won't be needing a lift today as he is ill, with something Luke had only just made up.

He then received a text from his father, questioning his whereabouts. Luke simply 'reminded' him that he had stayed the night at Ashton's, and he 'remembered.' Unsure of how to feel about his parent blatant lies, he shrugged understanding he lied also.

"Well, we should probably make breakfast before we go anywhere. I'm starving." Annie helped Luke down the stairs, guiding him into the open and wide kitchen and seating him on one of the stools around the island in the middle. "I was thinking pancakes?"

"I thought you had a chef?" Luke questioned, resting his arms on the counter. He realised he hadn't put his glasses on this morning, yet he didn't feel self conscious or exposed anymore.

"He's on holiday at the moment." She shrugged, cracking the eggs into a bowl and mixing all the ingredients together. "Did you want to make one?"

"I'll probably set your house on fire." Luke chuckled, thankful that she was asking in the first place.

"That'll be a fun story to tell." Annie smiled, helping Luke up and around the island. She placed her hand on top of his as she held the pan, spreading the mixture out to make a circle. He smiled at the gesture, his left hand leaning back to squeeze her waist, just so she knew he appreciated this.

"How's it looking?" Luke asked, hearing the sizzling of the mixture.

"Ready to flip I think." Annie guided Luke's hand to the spatula, helping him unstick the underneath of the pancake. Then she got him to drop the utensil, putting the handle of the pan back in his hand as they attempted to flip it. Landing half off of the pan wasn't as bad as Annie thought might happen, she wasn't good at flipping pancakes herself, but she was quite proud of this. "We did it!"

She giggled proudly as she wiggled the pan in Luke's hands, getting it fully back to the middle and letting it sit on the stove for a few minutes.

Luke turned around and placed his hands on her neck, moving them up to her cheeks before kissing her in thanks.

After making a few more and adding their own toppings, they both made their way upstairs to get ready for the day ahead of them.

It had only occurred to Annie now that she was skipping a full day of school. It also occurred to her how hot Luke looked in sweatpants, even if they were her dads. Biting her bottom lip, she went into the spare room to gather Luke's things for him before helping him into the ensuite.

Whilst he was getting changed in there, Annie rummaged through her wardrobe for something nice to wear. She pulled out a white top to go underneath the black and white plaid mini dress she had decided on wearing. It was very rare that she dressed using the expensive clothes her mother would buy her, but today she just felt so on top of the world that she wanted to.

Placing her clothes on the bed, she rid herself of her pyjamas and rummaged through her drawers for some clean underwear. Slipping on her underwear and bra she heard the familiar click of the door opening.

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