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"thanks, you guys, but you shouldn't have done that. he'll be after you too, now," mike sighs, looking to all of us from the front of the pack, bill grasping hurriedly on the kid's arm. i take a glance at all of my friends, remembering that we've always expected the worst from schoolkids, bowers especially.

"oh, bowers? he's always after us," ben adds smoothly.

"i guess that's one th-thuh-thing we have in cuh-cuh-cuh-common."

"yeah, welcome to the losers club!" richie shouts to the boy, who grins happily back to him.

at the arcade, everyone really went their separate ways. me with richie, bill with beverly, stan with eddie, and ben with mike. we split the coins evenly and dispersed across the room. i was attempting to play pac-man but failing miserably, per say. richie was laughing at my skills the whole time.

"no, no! you have to run away from the ghosts, what are you even doing?" he giggles, pointing at the different colored ghosts that were chasing me, the pac-man.

"well... why don't you show me?" i smirk.

he steps behind me and puts his hands on mine, guiding the character around without getting caught. "like.. that," he smiles, kissing me lovingly on the cheek.

i blush and start a new game, easily avoiding each ghost. "okay, i totally get it now," i mumble.

"wait, you already know how to play, don't you?"

"guilty," i admit, shooting him a playful grin. the next thing i know i got a new high score on the game.

"what the fuck! okay, okay damn," he gasps.

"beep beep, richie." i turn to him and smirk, almost hitting him because he was so close. a nervous look suddenly washes over him.

"will-will you go on a... like... a date with me?" he gives me an awkward smile, as if he's never asked anyone out before. i look up to him, surprised, and nod confidently with a lopsided grin.

"really?" he asks me with wondering wide eyes.

"of course!" i gush, feeling my heartbeat in my throat. he puts his hand on my lower back and pulls me to him, softly pecking my lips with a smile that never leaves.

"no PDA guys! you can get AIDS!" eddie screams at us. i jump back and yell at him.

"god damnit eddie, you scared me!" i heave, obviously annoyed.

"i'm doing this for the greater good," he tells us, as if he's a doctor who's just trying to save the day. he believed he was a capeless hero.

the next day, stan had horrifiedly arrived at my home and said that everyone must go to beverly's house immediately. we walk out of the door quickly, scurrying over.

"what for, stan?"

"i don't know, when bill called me, he said it was urgent," he breathes worriedly.

"why don't we get our bikes then?"

"oh yeah, that's a good idea." we run back to our own garages and quickly get our bikes, riding as fast as we could to the address billy gave stan.

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